Wonder Girls attends “No! Illegal Copy!” event

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and the Stop! Illegal Copy Organisation organized a promotional event this afternoon at CGV Yongsan to promote awareness of the need to stop illegal copying of music which was threatening the industry. Many prominent artistes were present including Big Bang, SeeYa, Wonder Girls, SS501, Jang Yoon Jung, Battle, Lee Min Woo, etc.

More pictures of other singers can be viewed here

To combat piracy, MCST, police plus professionals from organizations in the music, movies, games industries discussed and talked about the present situation affecting them. They also listed out the preventive measures that will be put in place soon. Artistes at today’s event spoke out against illegal copying, urging the general public to stop so that the industry can continue to function.

Sun Mi and So Hee missing due to high school.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls attends “No! Illegal Copy!” event

  1. i agree that their vest and coats are long but i think they look prefessional like that. wonderbang at the same event…wasn’t there some scandal pics of g-ye wearing some star stuff for this event?O.O
    i want sunye’s necklace.=]

  2. ahah sunye’s smile in the 3rd/4th pics is supercute 😀
    and she’s in sucha yoobin-ish kinda outfit lol~
    looks good on her too though

  3. honestly, Sunye doesn’t have good leg structure.. but it can be cover with boots like what she is wearing. Maybe that’s why she’s been wearing trousers or pants almost all the time.

  4. ^ yeah! i swear they are just getting prettier and prettier!

    wow sunye’s skirt is so short! i was a little surprised since they always dress her in long trousers and suddenly a short short skirt!

    personally i’d think their outfits would look better if ye eun’s vest and sunye’s and yoobin’s coats were a little smaller .__.
    their vests and coats look as if they belong to a guy’s lol
    since they’re so huge!

  5. What’s wrong with my eyes??

    How come i see the 3 girls getting prettier and prettier?

    All those individual shots of Sun Ye, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin is so well taken..

    The girls are gorgeous!!!

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