Yoo Bin Self-Cam Pictures 080414

Pretty to dorky to suave boyishness, she can pull off anything effortlessly.

She’s so pretty with long hair…

Her recent “Harry Potter” inspired wig…

Backstage with Sun Mi, her dorkiness rubbing off on Yoo Bin…

credit: wonderholic


16 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Self-Cam Pictures 080414

  1. haha the Harry Potter ones she does look like a female version of TOP!!
    wow shes so pretty !! i love the one with long hair~

  2. LOL she’s just awesome!
    love Yoobin!
    the first pic and the Harry Potter pics is too cute!
    lol, love the pics with her and the flowers XD

  3. @ jesssss
    HAHAHA! She really does look like T.O.P sometimes. I’m not saying she looks like a boy. Well, kindof but in a gorgeous girl way. O.O Does that make sense?

    The last two pictures are beautiful! LOVE HER! My favorite member! ^.^

  4. haha exactly .
    sun mi’s dorkiness rubbing off on yoo bin .
    she’s soo cute ! ❤ ahh !
    i’m in love o_O . hahaha

  5. omo!
    if sunmi got tangerines my yoobin got flowers!
    what are those?? they’re too small to be daisies are they cherryblossoms??
    she’s dorky and smexy! wow!
    what a combo!

  6. somehow it feels like yoobin’s evolving into sunmi HAHAA!
    yoobin’s ANOTHER DORK! HAHAA*
    i wanna pinch her cheeks! LOL

  7. ahh, seriously i have always been waiting for a headline like yoobin sel-ca and now my wish has comen true! 😀 she’s ooo cute/tomboyish! 😀
    1st pic is fun, the 2nd pic is so sweet and cute , harry potter is also cute and then the first with sunmi is sweet and then sunmi=tangerine yoobin=a flower kind? 😀 The forlast is my favorite!!! She looks so sweet with that flower in her mouth!!

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