Wonder Girls TBJ ’08 Summer Photoshoot (3P)

Finally an enlarged version of the picture you see on the right. Love the different color contrasts and their wacky freestyle poses. It would be great to have this as wallpaper. Hopefully TBJ will deliver on this, praying and hoping…

Wonder Girls for TBJ

These two are new pictures released today. You might have seen them before in the video interview earlier. Lucky dog that gets carried by Ye Eun.

Wonder Girls for TBJ

credit: WG-CN, wonderholic


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ ’08 Summer Photoshoot (3P)

  1. ^ i think sunmi looks fine in the 3rd pic, she and the other girls all look good

    and i AGREEEEEEEE YEEUN looks SO MUCH MORE livelier without bangs! and sohee is always cute~~~~ i love that first pic of her ^_^ our sohee is sooo cute!

  2. Yoobin looks amazing in all three pictures (especially the third one in which she reminds me oh so greatly of Mr. T.O.P). Sohee surprises me because well, she’s smiling. I find SunMi funny in the third picture for obvious reasons. I find Sunye looking weird in the third picture because I think she was trying to be cute. And finally, Ye Eun’s hair is cute.

    Oh, and I still want their glasses! I’ve been looking for knock-offs everywhere since tbj doesn’t have an online store! RAWR! I want to buy their outfits. =(

  3. Like the third one the best! Yoo-bin looks great in all of them! Photographer should realize that Sunmi doesn’t NOT look good in the 3rd pic. I see Yoo-bin though, has gotten the “who are you looking at?” or the “American” look down pat 🙂 Goooo Yoo-Bin!

    Personally, I liked Sunmi’s “Irony” look, the one with out the bangs and everything.

  4. im loving sun ye in this photoshoot…
    ye eun put a smile on my face…
    yoobin has been looking extra good lately…
    so hee is SMILING!!??? … joke
    and sun mis’s expressions are priceless…

    they used fun colors this time around.. can’t wait for the rest

  5. 3rd opic, yoobin in the middle, yahoo! 😀 And she looks hot in the pics esp. in the 2nd ^^
    And I agree, i wanna be that dog, yeeun carries 😀

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