Wonder Girls MC Cuts @ MBC Music Core 080412

Wonder Girls were out in full force again MCing MBC Music Core in the absence of regular host and Big Bang member, T.O.P who was busy with Big Bang nationwide concert tour in Busan today. Their 2nd time MCing as a group.

The trio of Ye Eun, So Hee and Sun Ye appeared first and they were in school uniforms much like Irony days. Just as I was wondering where the other 2 was, they popped out in wizard outfits! They said they were dressed up in the “Harry Potter” concept. Sun Mi became “Hermione” while Yoo Bin was “Harry Potter”.

Wonder Girls @ Music Core 080412

The viewers response was generally good and their wish was to see Wonder Girls back on stage performing as soon as possible. Who doesn’t? ^.^

Wonder Girls MC Cut @ Music Core 080412
Download Video (thanks ahboo) | Subtitles


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MC Cuts @ MBC Music Core 080412

  1. lol at Harry Potter and Hermoine..
    I really liked the hosting this time around.. very good

    lol at Sun Ye and Yoobin going to a “honeymoon” together

  2. ROFL. I actually thought Yoobin was TOP in the photo in the top-right corner, and it really baffled me, because well, Yoobin exudes femininity, whereas TOP evidently doesn’t. XD

    And I blame my puzzled state on those glasses (which I LOVE and must get one day, although I will MOST DEFINITELY be burning massive holes in my pocket. Hehe.), which look GREAT on Yoobin.

  3. Lol
    YooBin was cute when she walked on. And she kinda reminds me TOP as well. With the hair and glasses. Hahaa,..
    SoHee’s hair is the same as thr Irony outfit she has but in a different colour.

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