Wonder Girls Cyworld China Interview (Before America Trip)

An interview of the Wonder Girls for Cyworld China and judging from their conversation, it was slightly before they took off to America in February. But it was posted on 10th April on Cyworld China. All of them spoke rather fluent Mandarin with Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Sun Mi the best among them. Sun Mi was very dorky as usual while the other girls were very animated at times. You will certainly know about the Wonder Girls through this interview. There were some parts which I couldn’t understand (at max volume) so please forgive me.

Wonder Girls

Download Video (Right-click, save target or link as)
Download English Subtitle

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Cyworld China Interview (Before America Trip)

  1. The DL link doesn’t work for me, anyone else? Anyway thanks for the clip, always good to hear the girls speak Mando

  2. u see yoo bin’s lil dorky side . haha
    omg . waht has sun mi done to you ?!
    jay kay . love them both ! ❀

  3. Thx for the subs! I can’t speak any Chinese, so merci beaucoup~~~ πŸ˜€ They are so cute πŸ˜€

  4. i think it’s dated 080215. i could be wrong though.

    thank you so much for the subs! i only understood like 70% of what they said so the subs are a great help as well as a good way to improve on my chinese xD

  5. I’m Chinese myself so I think SunMi or SunYe was the most fluent to me. YeEun was really good at prounounciation. I have to say that Yoobin (although my fav. WG) and SoHee didn’t do as great and kind didn’t sound like they were talking. I think they all still did a really good job!

  6. O_O. wow, yoobin’s voice shocked me. It sounded so weird. I think Yoobin wasn’t trained in chinese like the other girls, I think she was studyin english as her second language during her trainiee days.

    I agree, I think SunYe sounded most fluent. Even though YeEun and Sunmi had a little bit better accent (and Ye Eun was waaaay clearer), the 2 of them + SooHee + Yoobin gave me this huge feeling its memorizationof speech, not talking, while SunYe actually seemed like she was talking. Thats only natural though because she’s studied it way long than the other girls.

    Neverless very impressive efforts :)! I love how they aren’t like just saying hello how are you like the other groups, they always try to talk alot more and connect with their fans!

  7. their chinese pronunciations are actually pretty good, considering how long they’ve learned chinese πŸ™‚ Either Sun Mi or Ye Eun have the most accurate pronunciation, but Sun Ye’s the most fluent in Chinese. that makes sense right?

    I was really impressed by their chinese! and Sun Mi is so cute during the interview. haha typical dorky SunMi πŸ™‚

  8. thanks alvin for subbing!

    i honestly didn’t know they knew chinese THAT well…i’m impressed too O_O

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