Wonder Girls coming to Beijing, China to perform?

Not sure how true this is, but Super Junior fans in China have posted about a entertainer performers visa being approved by the Chinese government and their idols were of course on the list among others. But what’s surprising was the name of our Wonder Girls who was also in the list.

Wonder Girls

A total of 31 performers will be bought in by China International Culture & Arts Company who are the organisers for a concert related to the Beijing Olympics on 14th April. Familiar names include pianist Richard Clayderman, Taiwanese singer Lee Hom and of course Super Junior.

The Wonder Girls were listed as:
“怪女孩组合” 成员宣美、闵先艺、朴誉恩、金瑜斌、安昭熙

Not the best of translations which meant Weird Girls instead of Wonder Girls. They always have to change the names around because of the strict naming regulations in China. Now although the visa is approved, there had been no news about them going to China to perform. But since it’s next monday, we will know soon if they are going. You can read about the visa notice at this website.


17 thoughts on “Wonder Girls coming to Beijing, China to perform?

  1. lahat ng kanta ninyo binibili koh ang guzto kong sayaw ninyo ang no body sana makita koh kayo na pumunta sa bahay namin plz plz plz plz plz plz ……….. sana mag reply kayo ang ganda ninyo walang aagaw sa inyo kundi ako lang ang iidolo sa inyo

  2. wonder girls pumunta kayo sa pilipinas idol koh kayo yun ang wish koh ngayong pasko plz plz plz plz plz ……………….

  3. Hello “wonder girls”, I love your a.k.a. name co’z you were all beautiful girls and stand-out performance esp. your song NOBODY. Hello also to Sandara, please come back to Philippines again soon….if not, just come back here again even in a days to perform your NOBODY hit song. Pilipino people are waiting for the “krung-krung ng Pilipinas”.

    We missed you SANDARA PARK! Krung-krung…..

  4. I heard already about 2 month ago from a chinese friend that wonder girls will be going there maybe soon

    now it come true : D ~ haha

    but better they come to germany (haha) joke 😛

    ~ thanx for information

    (its a shame for wonder girls …the weird girls name haha xD)

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