So Hee for W Magazine Korea Photoshoot May 08 (10P)

So Hee of the Wonder Girls will be in the latest issue of arty farty fashion magzine, W Magazine May 08. There are 10 shots from the photoshoot and I think I will never appreciate such photoshoots. It just looks weird to me.

So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee
So Hee


25 thoughts on “So Hee for W Magazine Korea Photoshoot May 08 (10P)

  1. i agree, sohee is not suited for artistic fashion, and why does she have the same expression for all the photos?

  2. people with negative comments, please go grab a copy of the latest W-Magazine, you’ll realize that Sohee fits RIGHT in it!

    i think she did a great job :)! my fav one is actually the one where she looks down XD~ so mature and beautiful!

  3. she’s definitely look much much much better in other photo shoots. Even other solo ones, mature ones too….there’s one i have in mind that she looks terrific and this one…..isn’t that great…

  4. that’s y it’s called W magazine … it’s a lil artsy high fashion … i love it but the flower distracted me from looking at her on some pictures nevertheless … totally love sohee .. give her kudos for looking good carrying the clothes and not letting the clothes carry her … lol

  5. Compared to the other WG members, So Hee will always be the cutest…

    She can be hot but not as hot as Yoo Bin… She can be pretty but not as pretty as Sun Ye or Ye Eun…

    However, nothing can still beat So Hee’s cuteness…

  6. i like the clothes and do agree that she has the same blank expressions in most of the photos; but isn’t that the photographer doing? as a model don’t you have to do what is asked of you? w6 is nice, I’m using it as my wallpaper.

  7. I could care less about her …..but I really like the photos except first one……….
    first one is hideous

  8. is it just me but doesn’t sohee looks like she would be soojin from sugar younger sister.. (and i know shes not but in this photo they just look alike)

  9. love them all except the 3rd and 4th.
    i kind of like this more mature and organic look on sohee.
    but she’s still cute :]

  10. The first picture scares me lol…all the pictures look so dead..and I feel like its too mature for her age…she should be happy haha…have a little life in her

  11. ok. please dont bash me but i’ll give out my very honest criticism. she has one expression. very blank and dull. i study photography and dude, she’s a model with no life. sohee… loosen up!

  12. i do agree with whimsical.

    the blank stares do work for some of the photos, but definitely not the first one.

    i only like the 4th and 6th photo (from the top)

    the rest? the photorgraphers need to relook into the facial expressions.

  13. whoah!
    forgive me but it looked too mature for her…
    she looked like she was harassed then was forced to take the shoot after.

  14. Whoa, what’s with the blank stare on almost half of them??? It’s not that attractive… whoever the directors were should’ve done it differently. Vary it up more!

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