Wonder Girls ’08 TBJ Summer Selca Photos

So following the picture collage yesterday, TBJ website has posted the Selca pictures of the Wonder Girls from their 08′ Summer TBJ photoshoot.

Yoo Bin

Sun Ye

Sun Mi

Ye Eun

Sun Ye and Ye Eun

So Hee

Sun Mi and So Hee


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls ’08 TBJ Summer Selca Photos

  1. i L O V E these, polaroids are awesome.
    theyre all so gorgeous!
    in the last picture, doesnt it look like the MiSo couple is holding hands or is it just me?

  2. yoobin does seem like she’s lost weight! T.T i hope she stays healthy!

    i really want their glasses. does anybody know where i can possibly buy them online or something because tbj nearby doesn’t have an online store. =(

  3. haha ye eun’s photo reminds of of pizza pics! And i love sohee in that last photo, she look sooo stylish!

  4. wow!
    i can now print this and put in my locker!
    it’ll look as if it’s the real thing ain’t it?!

  5. oh no my yoobinee has gotten so skinny! >_<
    i hope she’s eating regularly!!!

    awww all the girls look so adorkable!

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