Leaked Wonder Girls ’08 TBJ Summer Photoshoot

Collage of the Wonder Girls modelling for TBJ 2008 Summer Clothing range.

Wonder Girls 2008 Summer TBJ Photoshoot

More good stuff coming ahead…I suppose.


7 thoughts on “Leaked Wonder Girls ’08 TBJ Summer Photoshoot

  1. lol miso does look like their still together..XD the one in the top center with them is so cute..they’re just standing there..XD the girls look really pretty in this photoshoot!

  2. I dont think Ye Eun’s thighs are big at all, its the angle. And also she’s taller than the other girls, so its only NATURAL she’s a little bit bigger. Though I think her pose in that pic reminds of sohee for spring’s photo (look at banner), they both have applehairdo and head tiltd with mouth opened and at the side.

    neverless, adorable pics!

  3. Chunee: Yeah I thought so too. Also on Sun Ye’s legs, there seems to be a scar. I guess its just because Sun Ye and Ye Eun usually wear pants so their legs… I dunno?

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