Wonder Girls moonlights as reporters to ask people to vote

Wonder Girls became honorary reporters for new segment “Election from My Point of View” for MBC News Desk program and their mission was to encourage Koreans to come out and vote in the general elections on 9th April. Viewers generally gave the thumbs up to Wonder Girls challenge as honorary reporters.

Wonder Girls as MBC News Desk Reporters #1

The segment shown on 4th April sees the Wonder Girls going on the streets, interacting with residents and students near Yonsei University at Sinchon-dong, encouraging them to come out and vote this coming Wednesday.

The recording was done on 2nd April and during their walks around the area, the Wonder Girls touched on three important areas, “Not voting is damaging our long-term interest”, “We must vote fairly”, “We must vote”. They also talked about voting in general that included corruption, underhand dealing, etc.

With regards to the Wonder Girls mission, someone related to this event said, “They started their walk on the afternoon of 2nd April starting from the school compound. Although it was curious to see so many people following them around, it was nevertheless a meaningful event overall.”

Another interesting thing was that Yoo Bin was the only one who was eligible to vote while the rest of the Wonder Girls will have to wait for the next one.

Wonder Girls as MBC News Desk Reporters #2

The viewers reaction to the Wonder Girls were very favourable and they felt that they (Wonder Girls) were not asking them to vote directly but rather teaching and telling them how to vote. They were very happy with that and said that they will pay more attention to the elections because of this.

If voter turnout increases because of this, credit must go to the Wonder Girls. Netizens also gave the thumbs up to the Wonder Girls as they commented, “Wonder Girls were very cute in this attire”, “All five of them were very pro-active in their mission and had a sense of commonweal”.

Wonder Girls – General Election Reporter (MBC News Desk) 080404

Jang Yoon Jung had started the ball rolling on 27th March as an honorary reporter by interviewing the wives of former presidential candidate Chung Dong-young and Hyundai scion Chung Mong-joon, the two parliamentary election candidates representing the most competitive district in Seoul.

Jang Yoon Jung, Insooni, Wonder Girls and Park Hae Mi

Following Jang and Wonder Girls as honorary reporters for MBC News Desk will be singers Insooni and musical actress Park Hae Mi.


One thought on “Wonder Girls moonlights as reporters to ask people to vote

  1. I wish people were more like that. Its a very important issue to address and I`m happy the girls are part of it.

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