Wonder Girls Thailand Schedule + Seed Asian Artist of the Year Award Nominee

After China and America, Thailand will be the Wonder Girls next overseas destination apparently with their schedule being inked out already. Many thanks to Thai Wonderful, Ivy who provided this information for us.

Wonder Girls

Meet & Greet with Wonder Girls

Flight information
Arrival on May 9th 2008 via KE651
17:35-21:10 (5:35 PM-9:10 PM)

Departure on May 12th 2008 via KE652
22:45-06:00 (10:45 PM-6:00 AM)

They’ll be using the normal entrance/exit but all fans must be calm and organized to welcome the Wonder Girls since it’s their first trip to Thailand.

May 4th
There will be a special program about the Wonder Girls for one full hour from 21:00 PM – 22:00 PM. Exclusively for Thai fans. (Someone should record this?)

May 10th
Wonder Girls will be present at Modern 9 Live “Wonder Show with Wonder Girls” @ LanPark Siam Paragon from 17:00 PM – 19:00 PM

May 11th
Requirements during fan signing session:
Must have 2 cds (The Wonder Begins + The Wonder Years) produced only by GMM International. Exact place hasn’t been confirmed yet.

More scheduled appearance will also be posted later closer to their arrival date.

Oh another piece of good news, Wonder Girls are nominated for Seed Asian Artist of the Year Award in Thailand.  They are the ONLY female performers being nominated. A big congrats to our girls although they probably don’t have a chance considering that they aren’t going to this because of their schedule. It’s great being nominated considering they haven’t gone there once.

Seed Popular Asian Artist of the Year
– Wang Lee Hom / Album Change Me
– Jay Chou / Album Jay Chou On The Run
– Big Bang / First Mini Album Always
Wonder Girls / The Wonder Years
– Super Junior / Super Junior Second Album Don’t Don
– F.T Island / Album F.T Island

Event: 3rd Seed Awards
Date: May 14th, 2008
Place: Royal Paragon Hall @ Siam Paragon Mall
*Contact Seed 97.5 FM for tickets (April)
*Guest performers included FT Island & SS501
Official Website: http://radio.mcot.net/seed/
News Article: http://www.pingbook.com/news/view.php?id=1632

Credit: Ivy, Grammy International


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Thailand Schedule + Seed Asian Artist of the Year Award Nominee

  1. yeah.. im requesting too… that the Wonder Girls would go here in the Philippines.. it would be a great show.. please please?? kam sa hamnida…

  2. Yeoboseyo.! Can I make a request?
    Can the WG visit the Philippines? Especially here in Davao City?
    Because, I’m one of the hottest fan here 🙂
    PLEASE? Gomapseumnida..

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  4. AHHH! i wanna go thailand 😦
    if my translation isnt that bad ,
    Modern Nine Live presents the wonder girls from korea,
    from their tell me fever…
    “hello thailand we are the wonder girls” – wonder girls
    then it continues talking about the tell me syndrome..
    Modern Nine Live presents Wonder show with Wonder Girls.
    “welcome the thai fans to join them during the session & see you in thailand” – wonder girls
    thats about it i guess 😀

  5. Lucky Thai Fans who can go to meet n greet, fan signing and see thjem in the airport! If I lived in thai I would totally go there >.<

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