Wonder Girls will attend Ne-Yo Seoul Concert

Wonder Girls might be meeting Grammy-award winning R&B star Ne-Yo soon.

Ne-Yo and Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls will be attending the Groove 2008 concert on 6th April at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, southern Seoul where Ne-yo will team up with up-and-coming Jamaican reggae singer Sean Kingston to showcase their music.

Beside their election campaign ambassador duties, the Wonder Girls are also busy preparing themselves for their comeback in May. But for Ne-Yo’s concert, they are specially allocating time on the night of 6th April to see him. Wonder Girls loves Africa-American music and are passionate Ne-Yo fans themselves.

A concert organizer said, “When Ne-Yo heard that one of Korea’s most popular groups was going to attend his concert and are also his fans, he was really happy. We might arrange a meeting between them for a better performance. ”

Ne-Yo is an accomplished rising R&B entertainer and is known for his hits like, “So Sick”, “Because of You”, “Sexy Love”, etc.


8 thoughts on “Wonder Girls will attend Ne-Yo Seoul Concert

  1. sorry if black music sounds racist. but i checked on wiki and other sites and they say it’s known as black music. i am sorry if it disturbed you. have removed the words.

  2. whats up with the whole “balck music” thing.. mikka said it already, but this annoyed me…. they love “black music”, what the hell?? so does Justin Timberlake do “black music” or is it just music?? i`m in a bad mood now….

  3. “Wonder Girls loves black music and are passionate Ne-Yo fans themselves.”
    ‘black music’ LOL XD

  4. OMG , WG and Ne-Yo . haha dat’d be hot .
    u know waht would be even Hotter ?
    Ne-Yo producing a song for Wonder Girls in their new album =D

  5. Yeah I agree. Korean/Chinese articles use those words but it would be more correct to change it like mikka said.

    Makes me want to go listen to Ne Yo now!

  6. “black music” i dont think thats the correct term to describe neyo’s music. it should be more like R&B/HipHop. they are pretty busy these days.

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