Wonder Girls Vita 500 Drink CF (Cheerleader version)

Vita 500 have finally released the new Wonder Girls CF endorsing their drink in the cheerleaders outfits. This commercial is currently viewable over at Vita 500 website in a tiny flash animation. Very cute CF as they do all sort of wacky dances all over the place. It feels like a Japanese CF to me, maybe it’s just me.

Wonder Girls Vita 500 CF Cheerleader version

Their CF concept sees them dancing, singing at the karaoke room but they soon tire after expending their energy. But after drinking Vita 500, they get their energy back and can party again.  Correct me if I am wrong. Here’s the Direct Download by the way. To save it, right-click and choose save target as/link as.

Trans of the song: In the beginning where Sohee is there is a button thingie which turns the whole Cf over. At the Sohee-cute-looking-part it says Highschool students too. it’s a life we only live once, so (let’s live it) bright and fresh! Now in the room the button says “Ahjussis too” (omg ahjussi, that word reminds me of perverts who love sohee too much >.<) Even though sad or difficult, bright and fresh! Button says Ahjummas too. I’m beautiful, ain’t I? I’m beautiful, ain’t I? I’m beautiful, ain’t I? Button: Grandpas too. Let’s live bright and happy, let’s live bright and happy! Massa Vita 500! (either means the word massa smth. like assa and means oh yeah or it’s a strange form of masidda which means yummy or it’s a word I dunno!^^) Let’s go bright and fresh! My life’s Health energy Vita 500~~~

Credit: Luxtoraa


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Vita 500 Drink CF (Cheerleader version)

  1. @aoikage, sorry about that but i just like that tbj picture. i do keep the so hee clip on disk so no worries.

  2. Coolsmurf, why did u take off So Hee’s squirel face so fast?
    Aaah…I guess I should not complain right, for you have done so much for us 🙂
    But that So Hee’s clip is so cute…hopefully you keep the clips on file in case you wanna upload them again.

  3. Hii. I saw the so hee gif before, but you changed it 😦 Does anyone else have it? Or can link me again? Thanks thanks! :]

  4. @aoikage, i was thinking of changing but just waiting for the right gif to come along. thanks for the idea.

  5. It was just yesterday I had my request, and now it’s up there…thanks!

    Coolsmurf, you’re so cool 🙂

  6. Coolsmurf….

    I have a request. Could you cut So Hee’s part from this CF and put in on the right-top on this blog, please…
    Sun Mi and Ye Eun have their turn already, I guess now it’s So Hee’s…

    Thanks 🙂

  7. So Hee in the beginning…so like a squirel hahaha…she’s so cute…and the moves she does in the mid of the CF…

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