Wonder Girls hopes to be loved by all like Insooni

Wonder Girls appeared on stage for their sunbaenim, Insooni who kick off her concert tour last night to celebrate her 30th anniversary in the business.


The concert, titled “Legend” started last night at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and continue in 20 different cities including Busan, Daegu and Jeju. Wonder Girls had the honor of performing on stage during the concert.

Wonder Girls leader Sun Ye said, “We listened to Insooni sunbaenim songs as we grew up and she’s our inspiration for us realising our dreams in becoming singers today. Our performance was very meaningful and we are really honoured to be able to perform. We congratulate our sunbaenim on this successful night and hope it’s the same for her remaining concerts.”

The meeting between Wonder Girls and Insooni was made possible because the Wonder Girls volunteered themselves to perform to congratulate their sunbaenim. Insooni is not just loved by the older generation but also the younger generation as Wonder Girls would attest to that. So Wonder Girls performance last night was extra meaningingful.

Besides performing, Wonder Girls were also on stage with Lee Moon Shik to present flowers to Insooni. Wonder Girl Yoo Bin said, “All (Wonder Girls) of us would want to be like Insooni sunbaenim, being loved by the nation and becoming a national acclaimed singer. We will work doubly hard towards that goal so that we can do the same like her 30 years later.”

Insooni will also hold a solo concert at Mt. Geumgang on 15th May. 


One thought on “Wonder Girls hopes to be loved by all like Insooni

  1. LOL. I can’t even imagine the Wonder Girls 30 YEARS LATER.

    For sure it ain’t gonna be cutesy like “Tell Me” or anything…. Wonder Women? hahhah

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