Wonder Girls drops out of Hollywood Bowl 2008

So after being confirmed for Hollywood Bowl on 20th March, the organizers Korea Times have announced in their latest press release that there has been some changes to the line-up which involves the Wonder Girls.

Hollywood Bowl 2008

Due to a change in broadcast partners from MBC to SBS, the Wonder Girls will not make it for the show because of their live show schedule with MBC. Now that’s something new but unfortunately it’s not an April Fools joke and for those who have bought their Hollywood Bowl tickets for them, that’s sad. It’s sad that after being said to be going to Peace Concert (it’s being postponed to June) and Hollywood Bowl, now they are not going to any of them.

But there’s still many other entertainers going like Son Ho Young and SNSD has been added as replacements with possibly some more coming.

Official Press Release (1st April 2008)

Dear friends,

There are several things I would like to announce today that has been an important development for us in the past two weeks.

The official broadcasting partner for this year’s concert has been changed from MBC to SBS, another major network in Korea. It was a friendly move for everyone, and I strongly believe that the change will only bring us positive one.

Due to the change in broadcasting partner, however, we had to make a minor adjustment in terms of the artist lineup, and feel awfully sorry and regretful to inform you that two artists, Lee Hyo Ri and Wonder Girls, who we initially announced will not make it for the show this year.

Lee Hyo Ri was scheduled to take a MC role this year (and possibly perform). Her role is being replaced by Ock Joo Hyun, and she will be MC’ing the show along with Brian from Fly To The Sky. Wonder Girls were excited to come and perform at the Bowl, but, because of their live show schedule with MBC, they had to retreat from the inital commitment. Please accept our sincere apology for this.

Regardless of their abscence, our effort to build the best possible show will continue. We are pleased to announce that another idol star, Sohn Ho Young from the g.o.d. and So Nyo Shi Dae (SNSD) will join and perform at the Bowl. It was supposed to be the last addition, but, due to the recent change, we plan to add 1~2 more artist(s) and announce it within the next several days.

As the host of the largest Korean concert outside of Korea, we are proud to present the artist lineup for the 2008 Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl.

Performing for OLD: Shin Joong Hyun, Tae Jin Ah, Yoon Hyung Joo, Kim Se Hwan, Choi Baek Ho, Jung Hoon Hee
Performing for YOUNG: Dong Bang Shin Gi(TVXQ), Super Juior-T, Sohn Ho Young, So Nyo Shi Dae(SNSD), Fly To The Sky, SG Wannabe, Ock Joo Hyun, Eru (1~2 artist TBD)
MC: Brian & Ock Joo Hyun

Finally, our LA and OC office are going to open for the public between 9:00am and noon on every Saturday until the event date. Purchasing and pickup service is available at the LA office while OC office only opens for the pickup service. Thank you for your support.

C.S. Hah
Director, Special Events
The Korea Times U.S.A. 

After what happened with F.T Island in Malaysia, it’s unfortunate that Wonder Girls is in a somewhat similiar situation with things out of their control. They would be delighted to return to the US to perform. Next time probably.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls drops out of Hollywood Bowl 2008

  1. Wow I feel so sorry for the people who bought those expensive tickets, just to be let down like that ><

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  3. Well the DBSK fans are happy lol.

    tis a shame though!! WG is awesome.. hopefully they’ll come back again to perform.

  4. Jane you’re absolutely correct. That’s why I don’t think I can ever buy a Korean concert ticket here in the US. Too much risk and uncertainty. Laaaaaame.

  5. oh man… i feel like koreans really suck at putting together events in other countries. i’d be wary of ever buying tickets for a korean concert in the US… too many last minute things occur >_<

  6. Remember the incident between SJ & MBC? And SM Artists may allow to appear on MBC only with PD’s invitation? And now the broadcast partner is now SBS, so more SM artists are added to the guest list.

  7. ouch. oh well, you gotta stay loyal with MBC contract to keep your integrity in the entertainment industry.

  8. It’s Music Core

    Here’s what we know of their schedule in May: 2nd album ( no clue about the date) then trip to Thailand (9th-12th)

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