Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo CF + Making + Other Goodies

And one day after the Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Poster was spotted at their restaurants by Korean Wonderfuls, their official website has been updated with Wonder Girls all over the place including a CF and also the making, etc.


Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo TVCF (30s) + Radio Jingle
Each of them comes out, dancing next to their letter. Then they start singing B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O. It’s a fun commercial and the last part when they go Bingo Bingo Bingo was cute. And some flakes fell off So Hee’s pizza. The little dance at the end was So Hee’s dance routine in Tell Me.

Download CF | CF Making | Radio Jingle (Right-click, save target or link as)

The radio jingle is different and you can hear them sing longer here.

Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Poster

Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Poster

Took 2 days to film the CF plus what B-I-N-G-O represents!


Pizza Bingo CF Song


Each Wonder Girls different image


Behind the Scenes of CF Making


Autographed Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Poster
For the Radio jingle recording, we met the somewhat tired Wonder Girls at the Non Hyen dong Studio. They took off everything fancy and became normal girls. Conclusion: They are pretty even without having make-up on. No one said hello at the start but finally Yoo Bin unnie started the conversation. Speaking in a cute voice, she did the recording and apologised for acting cute. Old she says but only 20. That was even funnier and made everybody laugh.


Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo Wallpaper
6 different wallpapers, with all five Wonder Girls represented each plus a group wallpaper. Comes in 1024×768 and 1280×1024 resolution.

Credit: Pizza Bingo Korea, Luxtoraa


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Pizza Bingo CF + Making + Other Goodies

  1. omg ye eun is very pretty here! I liked hers and sohee’s pic best! yoobin is sooo cute here too! except i didnt like her individual pic on the ad, looks like shes constipating.

    😛 who said sunmi isn’t getting any attention?!?! look here!Though her “letter” dance was short.. and yoobin’s and ye-ye eun’s were even shorter 😦

    the wall papers are so cool! thanks for the updates!

    this is so awesome.
    they are all so pretty

    it looks like this company put alot of money into this!!!

    thanks for all the stuff

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