Sun Mi and Tiffany wearing the same outfit

No bashing, purely a picture comparison between two beautiful girls from different groups wearing the same outfit in different situations.

Sun Mi from Wonder Girls


Tiffany from So Nyeo Shi Dae


Conclusion: Both looks equally good in the outfit in my opinion.


31 thoughts on “Sun Mi and Tiffany wearing the same outfit

  1. bleeeh! what the hell.. why are people calling Tiffany Fat? what do you expect man. her size is perfect. too skinny means your unhealthy… do you really think these size 0 models look good? if you do, baby get you eyes checked.

    anyways.. Tiffany looks great in the outfit. the high waist thing looks better with a different shirt. SunMi doesn’t look as good as Tiffany in the outfit. but she does look cuteish

  2. The outfit was copied by crazy Tiffany
    Sunmi wear that is much better than her
    Wonder Girls fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If Tiffanny is fat so Ye Eun and SunYe are obese.
    No…the truth is that SunMi is too tiny !

    Tiffanny wears better this clothe but I really like the long red socks SunMi wears with !

  4. ^ yo haterrrr, if she’s fat u must be anorexicccca

    ~Fany’s so cute in that outfit. Sunmi, too.
    But I think Fanfan’s hairstyle looks better with it. Though I would probably look way better in it than them both.
    LOL jk jk I would be that fat short pig :[

  5. tiffany is a fat short pig.

    That outfit is hideous but sunmi tall slim body and pretty young face makes it look good. =)

  6. wait.
    why is it tiffany always wearing the same outfit of sohee and now sunmi??
    recently i saw her o their site wearing the same outfit as sohee and now sunmi??she’s on the same show too.

  7. tiffany is so cute!! sun mi is cute too… but tiffany’s hair is the best! i love her hair! ^______________^

  8. I’m really thankful to all these WG fans who are respecting Tiffany!
    Is really hard to find a blog like this nowadays because there are ones that support SNSD and other ones that support WG and the comments aren’t really good.
    Hope more WG and SNSD fans will respect each other withou bashing anone!
    Just because of fans like you i’m trying to know WG better to became a Wonder Generation fan!

    I think they both look really cute!
    Go Fany!
    Go Sun mi!

  9. both look really cute~~!! and they managed to look different even with the same outfit if you know what i mean 🙂 i love tiffany’s hair though!

  10. Tiffany is better than Sun Mi in my opion! The outfit isnt the best though! Also Tiffany gives the natural beauty and cute look while Sun Mi gives the sexy look!
    In my opion though Tiffany ssoo rocks!!!

  11. mee too! Sun Mi iss wayy better.
    not just because im biased. hehe
    but high waisted things are cute!
    and the pink stockings just add spice to it! ^^

  12. Tiffany uses “actually word” 90 % off the time when she speaks in english
    So weird she’ll use any sentence and say actually 2 or 3 times at least

  13. i personally love tiff way more than sunmi ^_^ (tiff is actually my fav member from snsd!), but i have to admit, even tho they both look cute, i think sunmi sported the outfit better with the high waste and long hotpink socks :)!

  14. i like sunmi’s version better because the high-waisted version is better for proportions. other than that…. i think the outfit’s kinda bad XD
    but tiff’s hair is way cuter than sunmi’s ^^

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