Music Core made cuter by the Wonder Girls MCing

Wonder Girls were out in full force MCing MBC Music Core last Saturday in the absence of regular host and Big Bang member, T.O.P who was away in Japan.

Wonder Girls MCing on Music Core

So Hee, Sun Ye was joined by their Wonder Girls group mates, Sun Mi, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin on the 29th March episode of MBC Music Core as their regular partner T.O.P was away in Japan for Big Bang’s Global Warning Concert 2008.

With T.O.P missing during their opening introduction, Sun Ye’s exclaimed, “Why does it feel so empty?”, So Hee immediately followed up, “Let us introduce our special MCs.” With that, Ye Eun, Sun Mi and Yoo Bin made their entry.

Wonder Girls as a group has been away from television from quite some time and despite not being one of the performers for that afternoon, they still managed to display their unique cutesy charisma and successfully fulfil their MC duties. On this day, their MC performance was very consistent and stable and their mimicking of Jewelry’s ET dance move from their song, “Baby One More Time!” won the applause from the watching audience.

Wonder Girls ET Dance Move on Music Core

There were times when Yoo Bin forgot her lines but leader Sun Ye who was an experienced host by this time was able to remedy the danger by covering up for her with ease. Yoo Bin made the cute expression of sticking out her tongue after comitting the mistake and so was forgiven by all.

Music Core was particularly interesting on that day thanks to the Wonder Girls.


13 thoughts on “Music Core made cuter by the Wonder Girls MCing

  1. sunmi totally looked like yoobin in this! While yoobin surprised me with a more covered and mature out fit!

    yeah! or atleast perform it during radioshows! Because i find WGs voice way too similar for non-chorus parts, (except for tell me).

  2. @ Anna & srainy:

    Thanks for your info.
    I don’t think Yoo Bin sings in Friend, either. And after some serious time listening to those songs, I guess Yoo Bin did sing in (second verse) and rap (the last).

    Also in Move…and maybe, aaaah…frustrating…I wish they would put which part sung by each member on their album cover.,,

    But, thanks once again!

  3. aoikage;
    in the 6th track (so what), yoobin sings… first it’s sunmi rapping, then sunye singing and then yoobin (around 54s). she also raps in that song. i wish they’d perform this song ^^
    and yoobin raps in move (around 1.48)… i don’t know if she sings in friend though… i couldnt hear her voice~

    i love love they way wonder girls dressed! especially sohee, sunye and sunmi. the 3 S~
    yeeun looks thinner… hope she doesn’t get to thin though >.<

    i can’t wait until they start performing again!

  4. @aoikage: Yeah I agree, sohee has a the most unique voice out of them. The rest of them have deep voices. YeEun is easy to tell tho when she sings her strong notes. I dont think Yoobin sang in any of them aside from the chorus. She rapped in Take-it though. I might be wrong tho 😦

    I think sohee is adorable! i love her hair like this! I hate it when its tied so tightly up on one side, looks painful for her and she sorta looks bald at times. Sunye is very charmistic as usual and ye eun is so good at MCing too! love yoobin’s cutie energy and sunmi’s hot pink socks! they’re so hot!

  5. Guys, I’ve been so curious to death…did Yoo Bin sing any part at all in track 4 (Friend), 6 (So What), and 8 (Move)? Because those tracks don’t have rap in them.

    I know Yoo Bin sang in Wishing on A Star from the MV.
    In some songs, it’s not easy to differentiate their voices except, of course, our Mandu…

  6. I love Ye-eun and Yoo-bin

    They’re awesome , other two too-Sun Mi and Sun-Ye

    I really like Sun-mi lately

    Care far less about So-hee…..sorry guys

  7. yeah ye eun was great.. i always thought she should have her own radio show….but now that i saw her mcing, they need to make this music core thing a four-way… why not a sixth-way now that we are at it, the girls were too cute…:P

  8. Yeah I watched the part where I thought Yoo Bin forgot her lines hahaha…not a big deal, they’re MCing together. And Sun Ye is really a charismatic leader.

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