Wonder Girls @ New York Photos (20P)

Some high resolution pictures of the Wonder Girls during their New York trip taken by one of the lucky five itSens Koreans who went with them.

Here’s a selected few, you can download all at the end of this post.



Sun Ye Lovely ^.^



4-dimensional Sun Mi




Download (4shared.com)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ New York Photos (20P)

  1. So Hee looks really cute but somehow i find that her skirt is way to short…it does looks nice on her but won’t she be shivering…it’s very cold you know…

  2. So Hee in the first pic, so cute with her weird smile haha…
    I wonder when she grows up, will she look this cute still…

  3. to christia

    the password is ‘wondeholic’ . it says below the last picture.

    wonder girls!!! sohee so cute

  4. I can’t view the pictures…there’s a password or something? or maybe there’s just something wrong with my computer.

    well they look really pretty from the pictures that are posted. and yeah, i agree with anna. they style isn’t really american, but they still look really good. 🙂 haha I love Ye Eun’s hat.

  5. theyr’e so pretty!!! love their outfits! the outfits actually gave me more of an “england” feel more than american. Except for sohee though, her skirts reminds me of sailor moon LOL! love her outfit most tho!

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