Wonder Girls becomes Cheerleaders for Vita 500 Drink

Vita 500 has updated their website with new images of Wonder Girls in cheerleading outfits for their energy drink endorsement.


And not surprisingly, So Hee is once again the cover girl with her image being the larger one in the print advertisements taken by Korean Wonderfuls.


So Hee image is also prominently displayed on the Vita 500 website.


Wonder if there will be a CF for this? Maybe not, since the original CF was so low budget. Download Wonder Girls Vita 500 Drink CF if you haven’t yet.


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls becomes Cheerleaders for Vita 500 Drink

  1. lol.. the return of the wig…

    i actually don`t mind that the attention is always focused on so hee… it`s impossible for the attention to be equally divided… some people are always going to be in the spotlight more than others… Seeya is a great example, I used to think Nam Gyu ri was a solo artist, but I always got confused as to what Seeya was…

    even though i don`t mind… i have to agree that it would be nice to see more of ye eun or sun mi….

    newayz…hope there is a cf for this, cuz it looks fun

  2. soooo true it’s ALWAYS so hee and sun ye who get the spotlight! sunmi and yeeun are left to the back 😦 i guess jyp favors them but truthfully sohee isn’t the cutest, nicest nor prettiest. cute goes to the weird but super cute sunmi, prettiest has to be yoobin(for me it’s ye eun) and nicest is for me ye eun!


    Sohee is adorable. I love her almost always being in center of attention but I agree, sorta unfair to the others. However every group there will be ones favored for diff things, and if we think about it, its not that bad in WG as much as other groups.

    CF = sohee favored. But when it comes to singing, Sohee didnt even get a solo LINE in their latest song. And now her solo dance part is taken over by Yoobin, and rapping parts are almost always given to Yoobin. SunYe and YeEun always get the most vocals. As for sunmi.. well.. cant think of any on top of myhead…

    oh and ye eun looks adorable here, i wish she jumped a lil bit higher tho.

  4. why is So Hee always the center of attention?
    I don’t have anything against her, I think she’s REALLY cute, but I just feel it’s unfair for other members.
    I always feel like YooBin, SunMi and YeEun NEVER get the attention.
    it’s always SoHee or SunYe.

  5. I dunno, sohee’s face strikes me as a bit annoying. She doesn’t really seem “friendly” which I ironic considering all I hear is how “cute” she is. But I think you can be cute w/o being friendly-looking and she’s one of those…

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