Photo of Ye Eun @ Kyunghee University

From being the last member to join Wonder Girls to not being the most popular member, she has really grown on me with her warmth personality and seemingly fun, wacky character. One of my favourite members now.


Hope that she does well in university just like how she did in high school!

Credit: evilishus @ soompi for picture


12 thoughts on “Photo of Ye Eun @ Kyunghee University

  1. my favorite WG member!! we love you ye eun!!!! dont worry if others say you are underrated.. we’ll make you really loved!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey!Ye Eun I’m your fanclub in Thailand.
    I so you Beutiful.
    My sister and me like you and like your song
    Tellme!!!! Her can dance Tellme,Irony and Thisfool.
    My sister name’s Ing.

  3. omg ye eun is my favorite!! she IS the most underrated member! but ya i agree that in these past days she’s been talked about a lot which makes me happy. so hee get out of the spotlight ehes JK <3YE EUN!!!

  4. she still looks so pretty without the layers of makeup on.

    ye eun is totally one of my favorites in WG :] good luck!

  5. that guy is taking dibs on her (last pic…lol)

    i admire her love for learning and music… shes a go getter, and i like that… i noticed her popularity on the net soaring lately, and i somehow feel proud (lol… being a fan makes you feel such random emotions. he he).. even my brother who doesn`t really care for wondergirls likes her… after he saw the whole “tell me” mania, and their “this fool” performances and he keeps talking about her… she`s the only member of wondergirls that he actually admits to liking… he he … wish her the best on her academic pursuit…

  6. mee tooo! she’s a favorite. as in my number one WG.
    no more sohee hehehe. its all about ye eun.
    good luck!

  7. Yup, hopefully she does well…Even though Ye Eun might be the fifth of the most popular member, she gives a different feeling to the group with her aura…yea, she has that aura.

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