More pictures from M Star Concert 080321

Our third batch of pictures of Wonder Girls from last week M Star Concert.









Credit: Team.Sosi9


9 thoughts on “More pictures from M Star Concert 080321

  1. ye eun looks gorgeous…
    but why can`t they perform something else for a change… i dunno maybe.. “wishing on a star”… they did a video, performing it would promote their show on MTV… plus i agree with whoever said they need a new wardrobe… they`ve been performing in the same outfits for months now… c`mon JYPe throw some cash at the girls… other than that, i love seeing them so lively and excited…

  2. love that first sohee shot!

    and love that fourth shot too where they are all dancing while sunye is singing her solo, shows you that WG has real synchronization!

  3. whoah! look at MY yoobin!
    what an abs! precision cut there!
    i think she’s loosing some pounds huh??

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