More pictures of Sun Ye and Ye Eun @ Samil Church

Not sure the relevance to the Easter weekend, but four new pictures of Sun Ye and Ye Eun at Samil Church receiving their blessings, etc have been released.






9 thoughts on “More pictures of Sun Ye and Ye Eun @ Samil Church

  1. #1
    I don’t think SunYe looks old at all.
    YeEun has naturally good skin and go average skinned SunYe would obviously look slightly old compared to her.

    And when SunYe has makeup on they’re being focused on the eyes. So its more noticeable than applying it to the cheeks or the forehead.

  2. wow ye eun looks good with or without makeup and her hair done!! she’s anatural beauty 😀 sun ye doesn’t look like the on stage sun ye though.

  3. God Bless them.
    they are really serious about their faith and are not ashamed of it.
    may they grow as a fruitful Christians.
    anyway, is samil church under what denomination? baptist?

  4. I think SunYe looks really old with out make up.. and when she has make up on it looks like 50lbs of it… not to bash her, because i love sunye and her charisma and awesome vocals.

    Ye Eun has good complexion. She’s so cute when she has no bangs, its nice to see whats under those bangs! a clean forehead!

  5. I’m not making fun of him, but that guy who blessed them has a really cool smile!
    It’s really unique.
    But I still can’t help but laugh at it. D:

    And like, I want blue nailpolish now.
    Or pink.
    Either one. ;D

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