Wonder Girls Next Overseas Stop: Thailand?

After their successful debut on the MTV charts in Thailand last year despite not promoting their “Tell Me” album then, Wonder Girls are set to visit their fans there soon to perform and thank them for their support.

According to HanMai@soompi, she has gotten information from GMMinter Thailand BBS (Wonder Girls Agency in Thailand) that the girls will come to Thailand from 9 – 12th May. But there’s no further information yet about the schedule. But once there is new information, she will post again on Soompi.

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3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Next Overseas Stop: Thailand?

  1. Oh.It’s must a jump month pass by April to May.I dont want to wait for thier’s visiting Thailand.

    So exite to hear this news.

    Love ya my WG.

    Yo Yo Yeah.

  2. I won’t be in Thailand at this time… not like last year where they announced it T_T

    The girls are going there with the boys from Hot Blood 🙂

    I wish they could go the end of June… lol
    I’m going to miss them again >_<

  3. I’m hoping that they won’t cancel it just like last year. All of the Thai fans are so looking forward to it. Wait! Aren’t they going to release their 2nd album around May? Perhaps before their visit to Thailand? That way they can promote it too.

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