Former Wonder Girl Kim HyunA preparing for comeback

According to some Korean websites, news is that former Wonder Girls member, Kim HyunA has now stopped schooling for the moment and is actively preparing for her comeback. Min Sun Ye on a previous radio show had mentioned about HyunA, hoping that she would stay clear of illness and eat healthily. She also said that HyunA must grasp her second chance and give her best shot.

It’s unclear whether HyunA will make her comeback as a singer or actress.


All the best to her!

Credit: professa @ Baidu


28 thoughts on “Former Wonder Girl Kim HyunA preparing for comeback

  1. Excuse me,. For god sake. Your wrong! kim Hyuna’s was so talented. You should open your eyes. Hyuna’s got a unique rapping skill, she’s a good sexy dancers, and sincere in stage when she performing. if you think that her career is just for awhile. Then, you just keep dreaming it. Haha, coz She’s back now and no one can stop her anymore. Kim HyunA neomu neomu saranghae !!! I’m your big fan. Always supporT you. 🙂


  2. I know for a fact from inside sources that her “being sick” was just an excuse to the media on why she was kicked out of Wonder Girls.

    Fact of the matter is she isn’t a good singer and was the worst dancer on the Wonder Girls. She held up production of videos because she always messed up the dance routines.

    She better go back and finish school because she won’t have a long career.

  3. Ohh, I loved HyunA!! Her short hair moved so well with her body when she danced. It looked so cool!

    Her rap sounds different from Yoobin, especially because her pitch is higher, but I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. (I mean, you’re born with the voice you’ve got… It’s not like it was a choice.) Apart from the range, their skills seem equal.

    A back and forth rap between H & Y would be sooooo sick! They should totally do it!!!

    It must have been hard for H to watch WG move on and grow up without her. ;(

  4. i got into WG after HyunA left, but i think she is amazing, and if they had her back i think that would be incredible.

    think of all the training she went through, and all the work, and she had to leave because she was unlucky enough to get sick. it must have been heartbreaking for her to see the new version of “tell me” without her 😦

    i love Yoobin too and i think she is the better rapper. but i think that HyunA is able to sing as well as rap. anyway, wouldn’t a back and forth rap between HyunA and Yoobin sound cool?? XD

    even with 6 members — which i don’t think will happen, but maybe she could do a guest appearance? — WG would still look better and more together than 16 SNSD girls running around the stage (yes i know it’s nine, but it always seems like there’s more of them everytime i see them, i swear they are multiplying ha ha)


  5. I knew WG after Hyuna left and Yoobin already joined them. I like Yoobin since the first time i saw her on the Tell me MV. And when i was searching for Irony. I saw Hyuna. And my impression was. Wow ! This girl is awesome. I wonder if she and Yoobin are together in the group. Must be very fantastic.. That will be very interesting if she rejoin WG ! We got two Hottest girl rapper ever !!

  6. hyuna is so full of energy and gives much to the wg group (prior or now) that any indication of her coming back is definitely good news! :-b i think that sohee and hyuna are the best free-form dancers of the group, so her coming back would add spice, just like yoobin did for rapping in their songs. ^^ perhaps she could sub in for some songs when yoobin is not feeling well? 😡 anyway, i wish her the best of luck in her future !! 😀 gooooo hyuna !!!

  7. 六個人都無問題呀﹗




  8. Hyun Ah was the best out of all the Wonder Girls, and she still is. How do you think she got to be the original wonder woman? Why is she always center stage? She has a certain performer quality that no other girls in the group has, and she catches everyone’s attention when she dances. Her short hair is also a refreshing image.

    i was with wg in the beginning, and i thought irony was pretty darn popular back in those days. it’s not wildly successful like tell me, but it was def the big hit song out of all the debuted girl groups back in 2007. also, technically the popularity of Tell Me would have been the same regardless of the appearance of yoo bin. hyun ah was still in the song, as u might have seen from the youtube clips (original tell me m/v) jype just didn’t come up with the official dance until much later.

    And last but not least, Hyun Ah gets a big fat vote from me to rejoin WG. It’s not gonna be weird with 6 members, look at Girls Generation with their whopping 9.

    Solo dance:
    Fan Meeting: (pay attention to 3:45)
    Irony A Live: (the intro)

  9. Well I became a WG fan after Hyun Ah left and Yoo Bin went into WG cause I thought Yoo Bin was really cool and then she made me like the other WG members. So if we liked WG after Hyun Ah left it doesn’t mean we aren’t loyal WG fans, it’s just that we like the new WG more than the old WG.

    I have nothing against Hyun Ah and I wish her the best of success in the industry but I’m one of the new WG fans who’d rather Hyun Ah not go back into WG and instead hit it solo.

  10. to the people that doesn’t support hyun ah going back into the group, you guys are just being mean. and i’m serious. and to srainy and anna, if you were really a wg fan why would you be hating on a wg member? that’s just mean. a wg fan would support everything of wg’s desicions. and to anna, hyun ah got the “spot light” because she was a better dancer than so hee. not that i’m saying so hee is a bad dancer, hyun ah just uses more energy. i love yoo bin too and i don’t hate her. so hee, hyun ah, or yoo bin i love them all. the more the better!

  11. oh hekk yes!! yay!!! woot!!woot!!
    yay! i’m so happy for heer :]]]]]
    i can’t wait to see what she’s going to do.
    i wonder if she is going to be a single singer or if she’s going to be put into another girl group…. hm.. well it would be awesome if she could be back in wonder girls too!! yay! but if she is put into another girls group i hope that group too, will do as well as wonder girls. but how sad that she can’t be in wonder girls again.

  12. They got super popular from , not because Yoobin joined the group. Without the catchy lyrics and catchy dance, the girls wouldn’t be as popular as they are now.

  13. ^ but their Irony song’s appeal isn’t like the Tell Me appeal am I right? My friend even hates WG because he hears Tell Me everywhere he goes in Korea… I don’t think Irony ever been hated because it’s everywhere lol… there was no Irony craze from what I remember.. they were popular during Irony but they got more popular from Tell Me..

  14. they’re already popular in Korea,its you didnt know how popular they were
    they travelled to China in April last year,they already got fans in China at that time
    they planned to go to Thialand as well,but they missed a chance because hyuna left the group at that time
    and they attended the Dream Concert last year,they got the loudest cheers from fans out of all girl groups.
    also,they won multiple awards,are always top searches in Daum,Naver,etc
    will you say they’re not popular before Tell Me…?

    dont let the Tell Me storm fools you

  15. @noob2001204: Don’t say “their most loyal fan”.. Just because we aren’t crazy about hyunah, doesn’t mean we’re not loyal… And yeah I’m a BIG tellme/ebabo fan ^^… when WG first came out with Irony I didnt really like them… I started liking WG after “A Sorry Heart” where Ye Eun captured my heart!

    I didnt say I wont like Hyunah comingback… I said, either way 6 girl WG group or 5 girl group I’m fine with it =) though they only got popular AFTER she left…

  16. This is such a good news ^^ I’ll support her decision no matter what since I love all of the Wonder Girls. A 6-member group is fine with me, it’s like taking it even further for the group lol. Besides I want my MinHyun & HyunHee couples back ^^

  17. ^
    you are one of the Tell Me fans i guess
    lol,i can expect people will not like hyuna coming back,as a big WG fan myself,i love all of them
    hyuna’s my love,everyone is my love
    well,i am proud of being a wonderful myself

    if you really dont like hyuna,you should stick with their old form with 5 members
    i think most of their loyal fans will welcome hyuna

  18. hmm im a wonder girl fan, but i only became one AFTER she left. And then when JYP released those clips of “Tell Me MV” where hyunah was actually the “star” instead sohee, i was thankful she left because I thought Sohee did better.

    I would respect either way, with her returning into WG or not returning. However I don’t think she can really succeed going solo like Joo.

    I’m not a hyunah hater, i always thought she was the best dancer out of *all* the girl groups, including HyoYeon frm SNSD. Its just I enjoy Yoobin’s rapping more than hers.

  19. its not weird to see her again
    i look forward to it 🙂

    people remember,she’s the original member,every wonderful should welcome her back!!!

    srainy,if you dont like hyuna,quit being a wonder girls fan D:

  20. “…singer or actress.” Actress? Wow! Go Hyunah! 😀 Though seeing her again in WG would be a bit weird, I’m not totally against it. But Hyunah as actress? I wanna see what characters she would play.

  21. ooh good news xD
    all the best to her!

    even though she was the original member of wonder girls… i hope she’ll not be put back into wonder girls :X
    i like wonder girls even more when yoobin joined so 6 member wonder girls seem a bit weird @_@
    most people got into wonder girls after she went too so you never know what might happen :X

  22. i hope its true!!!
    if its true,it made my day hahaha,i always dream to see “HyunA coming back” in soompi WG thread hahahaa

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