So Hee and Yoo Bin with JYP trainee Min (3P)

Yoo Bin and Min


Min, Yoo Bin and So Hee


So Hee (winking), Min and Yoo Bin


credit: Wonderholic


28 thoughts on “So Hee and Yoo Bin with JYP trainee Min (3P)

  1. I really like how Yoobin looks in the 1st picture =D Her lips are so pink. And in the other pictures, too; I think she’s actually very skinny in real life but some outfits/cameras deform her shape.

  2. i like wonder girls the moat they are the best i dont like stupid girls generation they try to be very cute and yoona always smiling and jessica so flirty wonder girls are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. do you believe that’s min??people??are u crazy??i already meet them twice a week..every day without make up or what..that’s not min!!!

  4. Min looks different because she’s (don’t take offense) Americanized. She’s been hanging with Lil Jon(?) in NYC or some city. x;

    Sohee and Yoobin look very natural, and innocent

  5. LOL omfg yoobin&sohee make min look seeeeriously really freakishly fugly&fat lmfao..

    sorry to possible fans of hers though

    irees:HEY nooo yoobin does NOT look like min at all
    like yb’s superhot <3,while min’s*tty..

  6. i can kinda see why these three would be hanging together. to be honest, i find it odd seeing sohee with yoobin. it’s pretty rare for them to be together. yoobin and min do look similar, but min’s more… americanized in my opinion. does anyone else see it? min’s gangsta. i’m not a big sohee lover, more of a yoobin lover, but sohee looks pretty in both of her pictures. yoobin looks great in the second. and min… she looks CRAZY INSANE in the first.

  7. lol.. why the hate? i think shes just different. Not ugly, not slutty.. Just different in the way she presents herself…

  8. it makes sense to me that these 2 hitted it off with her… why, i don`t know… they are the 2 members i figured, would get along with min well… so yeah… nice pics

  9. Min sort of reminds me of the Korean girl in The suite life of zack and cody. I think the girls name is Brenda Song or something like that.

  10. CUTE but szai is right..min look different from sohee and yoobin..some how to me she look dirty, and really mature…

  11. pretty!
    but then look at them…
    soohee and yoobin’s aura is far different from min’s
    or it was just me??

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