The Wonder Years remains in Top 10 Best Selling Albums Chart

According to the latest sales figures from Recording Industry Association of Korea (RIAK) for February 2008, Wonder Girls sold 4,698 copies (No.9) and their accumulated sales figure is 63,227 copies. Great job by the Wonder Girls even though it has been more than five months since they released the album and with no re-packaging crap and still remaining in the Top 10. Plus they weren’t even promoting the album anymore nor in Korea during the past month.



8 thoughts on “The Wonder Years remains in Top 10 Best Selling Albums Chart

  1. Buying from Yesasia counts towards their album sales. It says the following on their website:

    Shopping Note:
    · Korean music products at are sourced from distributors in Korea, and are reflected on the music sales charts reported by the Music Industry Association of Korea.

  2. @breezy, YesAsia is legit. and i think I saw somewhere in Soompi Forums before that Brian from FTTS actually said that they do contribute to the overall album sale figures.

  3. i think repackaging is a big rip-off… i like the idea of re-releasing material only if its a greatest hit album, with a couple of additional tracks… taking new pics, remixing one song and thats it?… but if they do have one (which i doubt they will), i will gladly participate …

    about YesAsia.. is it legit? i mean, its not just a group of people selling asian goods, without the profit actually going to the artist/management company, right?

  4. Actually, I would have liked it if they had a repackaged album. A lot of respectable artists like SG Wannabe, etc. had repackaged albums in order to boost their sales.

  5. thank God! there’s no repackaging’s totally con fans if they were to have that. I’m so glad i did contributed in the sales thingy. I have no choice but to buy from yesasia or other place.

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