So Hee Kisses Her Female Classmate 3 Times In I Like It Hot!!!

So Hee’s debut movie, “I Like It Hot” is out now on DVD and for many of us not in Korea unfortunately, this is our only chance to catch it right now.

Only providing links to Clubbox. Please learn to use it because it’s useful.

JUPiT Version
CD 1 | CD 2 | English Subs

BiFOS Version
CD 1 | CD 2 | English Subs

DDalGi Version
CD 1 | English Subs

Everyone was talking about Kim Bum kissing scene with So Hee before the movie. But really it should be about So Hee kissing her classmate (Jo Eun Ji) not once, not twice but three times! Click if you want to be spoiled by animated gifs of the three scenes. (Objectional material and discretion is advised!)

The following were written by missxmoody and helps you better understand the background behind the three kissing scenes between So Hee and Jo Eun Ji.

So Hee’s character in general is a young girl dealing with cleaning up and taking care of both her mother and aunt, all while working and having a boyfriend and a best friend. Her boyfriend, played by Kim Bum, is a nice guy but that’s just it, even after they’ve been dating for 2-3 years, he still hasn’t touched her. So Hee’s best friend one day, while at work, suggest that he’s gay.

First Kiss
So Hee invites Kim Bum over to her place, while her aunt and mom are out, to take their relationship to the next level, which is to just basically kiss. Kim Bum comes over but basically kills the mood and she tells him to leave, which he is more than willing to do. After he leaves, it turns out her best friend was hiding in her bedroom, she comes out and consoles So Hee for what just happened and tries to make her laugh. So Hee surprisingly kisses her best friend.


So Hee’s sudden kiss makes things awkward between them, but her best friend helps her relieve the situation by telling So Hee she was just practicing on her and she should have told her she wanted to practice, so they both laugh the kiss off (this scene is actually pretty funny and I love how the scene ends).

Second Kiss
Later on, So Hee just can’t seem to get her mind off the kiss and her emerging feelings for her best friend. Even while studying in the library, So Hee falls asleep and dreams that her best friend comes up to her and they share a kiss.


But this only frustrates So Hee some more, causing her to distance herself more from her best friend and try to get things going with her boyfriend again.

However, things fail with her boyfriend. While sitting at a park bench So Hee forces a few kisses onto her boyfriend but it ends with her basically even more lost, when she exclaims “I don’t feel anything!” While she’s trying to realize and come to sense with her feelings, it’s too late, her best friend is returning to Brazil, where her dad is sick, and her best friend is also very hurt as well, as So Hee has basically completely ignored her.

Third and Final Kiss
Her best friend gives Kim Bum a present to give to So Hee before she leaves and after So Hee sees this present she hops onto Kim Bum’s motorcycle and they rush to the airport. At the airport, So Hee askes her friend not to leave and they share a tight embrace, another kiss, and giggling/smiling at each other.


That’s it. Plain and simple. Girl has boyfriend, girl realizes she’s falling for her best friend, and girl ends up with best friend.


106 thoughts on “So Hee Kisses Her Female Classmate 3 Times In I Like It Hot!!!

  1. Haters…
    The movie is really good. It made me cry, specially the last part with Kim Ami and Oh Seung-Won.
    I really like the acting, it’s the only Korean, realistic film that I’ve ever seen. Amazing.
    You really need to grow up babies. What’s the big deal with two girls loving eachother? It’s love, it’s cute. And stop talking about the sexuality of the actors, it’s ACTING! God.. is that hard to understand? Plus, let people live their lifes how they feel and start living yours.
    I agree with you Fugarola, really great movie, lots of assholes around.

  2. Wow.. so many hateful comments. This is so sad to see – people need to grow up =/

    As for the movie, this storyline is just an aside to the two main hetero lovelines which take up 95% of the story. The film itself is well acted out, great sense of humour and has a real feel good factor to it. Hopefully more of you will watch the entire movie with an open mind before passing judgement.

  3. ewwwwww ! iits dat kim bums gf ? uat a fuvk u r so hee

    kim bum nd kim so eun

    r sOul mate ur ugly

    bUt ii love wonder gurls

  4. kung miss sohee . hi….. how r u ? where do u live? . i love sohee everyday. i want go to korea.

  5. the last part was cut… lols^^ here’s the comment..

    the comment : I love sohee… i find sohee kissing her bestfriend is way hotter than she kissing kimbum.. cos the kiss with kimbum was so force !? i prefer her kissing her bestfriend ^_^ its hot though.. i hope she could act in another movie.. she’s good in acting ^^ i love sohee forever + WG memebers except lim . I miss sunmi >.< T_T hope u come back… k bye ! ;D lastly , i'm a girl though… ^_^

  6. To PoLlY & HaNa : hey , anyways actually ur both are a bit right about the dance . i too wanna say about their dance steps… but lol im a WG fan for god sake..! i love them… they’re are such nice people.. u guys shouldn’t hav said bad things about them.. i knw those things u guys said are true bad its not nice to say that to them rite ?? so think about it.. what if people talk about u , u wouldn’t like it too rite? btw sohee has many anti-fans and so she really get hurt about u people saying bad things to her and hurt her.. But she never gives up whenever u guys hurt her, she keeps on trying her best shot to achieve her goals.. so please stop saying bad things to her i am sick of it ! >..< T_T hope u come back… k bye ! ;D lastly , i'm a girl though… ^_^

  7. Whatz up with sohee’s OMANA???? She’s not even cute!! By kissing girls in this drama makes her look soo ugly especially in the Front cover of the film. Ugly. All of the WG.
    Their dance steps need to be more COMPLICATED like SM Artists. Even if WG make their dance steps hard, they can NEVER reach SnsD’s Fame. U guys suckkkk WG.

  8. Umm… even though its only a film, i think she’s such a LESBIAN!! I know its only a film but i would NEVER kiss my best friend. I use to hate sohee, but i hate her MORE!!!!!! Get lost in the deep woods Wonder Gays and NEVER come back!! SoHee is a cute wannabe who never can success anything in her life. And her other plastic members suckkk.

  9. 당신은 게이가 그렇게 헤? 세상에 : (아니이 왜 거기에 당신도 마찬가 지죠!
    정말 미안해 ….. 자네가 내가 널하지만 이제 네가 게이 아니라면!처럼! 싫어 정말 게이하는 경우에요 : (죄송합니다) : 그것은 방향 또는 그것은 내가 그것을받을 경우 해결 방향 왜 안
    그것은 방향 또는 그것은 내가 그것을받을 경우 해결 방향 왜 안

    그것은 당신을 위해 멋지세요 여자하실 수 없습니다 당신을 위해 여자 여자 애인은 내가 어떻게이 사람이 아니 죄송 해요 게이 알았어 궁금해 쓰는 이유가 난 그냥 네가 좋아 게이 유감을 궁금해 버지니아 징조입니다

    아니 버지니아 그것이 내가 당신을 묻는거야 좋지 않아, 제발

    I’m from Sweden and there are many who do not recognize you, just me and my friend so not gay huh

    My name is Kim nickname is Ben

  10. no affence thts wierrrrddd.. nd i thought this movie wld be good i dnt wnt to see tht… nevermind this movie, thnx for this, thnk god i found out now

  11. so-hee….
    when u lonely or sad..
    just call myname..
    and i’ll be there..

    do u have boyfriend?
    or friendship?
    how about G-dragon?
    he look nice guy…
    nice for you..
    juz kidding..!!
    im sorry..

    what i can say again?
    juz 3 word 4 u..
    i lurve u..
    i like u..

  12. I do not understand this because she is only 17 years old.
    I would think that she is still a minor and this is pretty vulgar.

  13. i noticed that sohees cheeks cover everything..
    but after watchin a few times, she is actually kissing like so close to the lips but its more cheek than chin…

  14. its not so bad her kissing another female…
    you know in america, girls do it all the time..
    its just weird, you know that shes 17.
    welll its for a movie you know..

    GO GHEE!!!!!


  15. you guys do realize first 2 kisses aren’t real rigiht ? it’s just near the lips… to make it looks real and idk about the 3rd one

  16. wow lol, I’m a girl and i think this is ok… but i only hope people in the world would think the same so that everyone can be open to another… there’s nothing from with having feeling for another person, despite of their gender. even though after seeing this it’s a little disturbing

  17. I knew Sohee was my favourite for a reason lol! I just saw the movie like an hour ago from mysoju. Totally recommended for storyline as well xD!

  18. She is LESBIAN(No im kidding )!!!But why when Heechul kiss a boy everybody say that he is gay (HE IS NOT)and now So Hee
    kissed t h r e e TIMES her classmate nobody said she is lesbian ??? IT IS JUST UNFAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. @christy

    you can find it on youtube!

    just type “I like it hot part 1”, something like that 😉

    and yes, I bet sohee’s a lesb ._. but that’s up to her, seriously…

  20. UH-MUH-NA!!
    OMG, So hee isnt a lesbian but she is very good at kissing,from wat i saw with picture 2 and 3….where can u watch this movie with english subs?

    could sum1 email me at
    if they find or know a website to watch this movie on??

    thank cheww ^^

  21. people!!!! its by the side of the lip..SIDE OF THE LIP!!! it may look like a real kiss but its not!!…if it was real kiss then they would make a big fuss about it….but its not….though it is kind of hot…XD…lol…im a girl and i find this hot….

    anyway my comment:
    this is hot….and for some reason when ppl say SoHee kissing a girl….Sunmi keeps popping out off my head!…O_O’
    i think somethings wrong with me…im a girl for crying out loud! ahhhh

  22. @Chopstick: I know?! maybe they had many shoots /slur

    XD anyway
    on the first scene, So Hee was like “do i really have to do this?! (awkward)

    on the second scene, “hmmm….ok…all i have to do is this”

    on the third scene (the very hot one) “gosh don’t go i love you to death”

    lol well anyways…
    I liked the movie, especially the scenes where her auntie was drunk lol XDDD

    the kissing scenes with Kim Bum is totally nothing x(
    and maybe they put her kiss with Kim Bum on headline instead her kisses with Jo Eun Ji because some people may think it was too awkward and to immoral that they won’t watch the movie

    but oh well I support her though
    ~the kiss was really ~~HOT~~

  23. wait if she kissed her classmate 3 times how many times did the have to practice and shoot it before they got it right? LOL
    but i love u anyways Sohee! i always want what i cant have..>_< ❤

  24. wtf… i think So Hee is really cute and hot but…. what is this…. i found this really stange, this changes my image of So Hee and it has scarred me for life. Why did you have to do that So Hee!

  25. i think sohee kissing the other girl is way hotter and more romantic than sohee kissing kim bum! XD and i’m a girl..

  26. its ..weird LOL 😛
    iono its kinda awkward ?
    young little sohee kissing another female :O

    no offense though..O_O

  27. i prefer to have my own copy of this movies so i can play many times whenever i want to watch sohee.. Now i got the dvd and i already watch this movie three times.. well, the final kiss.. i dont think its a goodbye kiss it can be either the way around..

  28. The first scene I think she was built up on a kiss but her boyfriend couldn’t deliver. So she had to kiss someone. The aftermath on the soccer bench was really funny when the football hit So Hee on the head and they just laughed.

    The second scene was one of the more beautiful surreal scenes in cinema. She was sleeping while her friend just walks up and kisses her while So Hee just goes back to sleep only to wake up again as it was all a dream. Beautiful writing and cinematography.

    The last scene was just like a goodbye kiss between girlfriends before her friend leaves on a jetplane and don’t know when she will be coming back again.

  29. i don’t get this…..erh.. this kinda weird??no offense is this a half-lesbian movie or something, because girl kissing girl is weird..

  30. OMG i just realized i never thanked you for sharing these CB links. and wow, now there’s so many versions out XD

    i was actually quite the fool and didn’t know how to work the original set of subtitles…. so i spent 45 MINUTES fixing another version i found somewhere just to watch this thing. kinda silly because i actually understand korean *falls*

    omg omg omg omg i was really impressed with this movie. i guess i had low expectations for it since i didn’t want to be disappointed. sohee needs some finetuning but she was still so adorkable XD
    kim minhee’s performance was quite convincing. i remember how much she SUCKED back in the day– so pleasent surprise

    can’t wait to pre-order my copy from yesasia!

  31. In order to change the subtitles from Korean to English, open the video in VLC player and go to “Video” and then “Subtitles” and click on “English”.

  32. Hoooo crap I didn’t even know what this whole movie was about until I saw this LOLZ I never new this was a girl to girl relationship… That was kinda disturbing…. My, wonder how much they get payed to do these kisses HAHA!

  33. oh and i forgot to post my comment on this haha! sohee’s kissing scene with her best friend should be the one on the news not her kissing scene with kim bum! hahaha

    sohee had 2 kissing scene with kim bum and 3 with her best friend….ok that’s a spoiler hahaha….sohee kissing her girl friend was rather hot…ok i am a girl but i can’t help it i tried playing her kissing scenes with her best friend over and over again! hahaha ^_^

  34. for anyone who can’t download from clubbox got o m,y blog…coz i have posted the MU links there which are from amnhacfan and i am also in the process of uploading 8 splitted parts of the movie on Infernoupload…so far i have only posted 2 parts…but i will complete it soon ^_^ and it’s also hardsubbed ^_^

    for those who wants to download this in hardsubbed please go to my blog

    here is the link

  35. waittt someone help me dl the movie.
    i clicked on the english subs one
    then the screen came up, logged in, then
    came a link that goes to the cb (?)
    but now i can’t find it. help please 😦

  36. ooh engaging in such risque behavior at such a young age. haha I wish I could see it! but I can clubboz never lets me register. there’s something wrong with my birthday, and it’s not the age, i’ve tried everything from being a 10 yr old to being a 60 yr old. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to wait until someone outs it on youtube.

  37. HAHAHAHA. and people were worrying about her kiss with kimbum. i watched the movie and was like, uh yeah, the whole kimbum thing was nothing compared to the whole best friend thing.

  38. its a good movie but i dont understand what they are saying. why are the subtitles in korean? i thought it was suppose to be english subtitles ;(.

  39. Took all day to download the movie and i finallly got to watch it and let me tell you i got so excited and squirmy every time sohee kissed her friend. I have to say it was a pretty good movie, definitely a chick flick

  40. ohh man i read too much!
    i couldnt help it!
    hehe. i think its cute!
    yay. i have bigger chances to hook up with her?
    lol just kidding!

  41. the first time i saw it i totally shocked
    i remember how people always talking about sohee kissing scene with kim bum.
    but after i watched the drama. o.O omo!
    kiss scene with kim bum was totally nothing.
    sohee with the girl is.. o.O o.O o,.O

  42. hahahha interestingly enough, in the media– i think korea has always been ok with homosexuality. it’s displays of heterosexuality that always gets people talking XD

    can’t wait to watch this 8 hours later!!! ^^;;

  43. Waaah. I watched this movie this past weekend and I thought the same thing. What the heck! How did the fact that Sohee kisses the hot chicks three times not make the news and her kissing Kimbum make it?

    Overall the movie was Ok. Definite chick flick. Sohee’s friend/kissing partner was definitely attractive, made Sohee look rather plain. (nothing against Sohee).

    There was also a Wondergirls reference early in the movie. I think “Irony” was played in the background at some cafe.

  44. AHH NO I GOT IT!
    Now I must endure the download portion.
    Good luck to me~
    I really want to see how well Sohee did.

    Because, as a girl, I must say, that kiss is hot. x:


  45. Crap, I made an account before but I don’t remember what my ID was… I’ll just settle for the GIFs.

  46. OMFG.
    I want to watch that movie now.
    And learn how to use CB. D;

    *goes techie mode*
    Thanks for sharing~

  47. wowww . haha . kinda cute .. lol

    ey coolsmurf , so WG Subbers is looking for chinese translators . don’t u translate chinese ? i say go for it ! =D

  48. omg…i feel a little disturbed! o_o

    anyhow, you have to join that clubbox to be to dl the files. that’s what the error message means.

  49. wow i’m a girl, and that was hot LOL
    3 kissing scenes?! and no one made
    a big deal? aha over here in america
    it’s like WHAT? lesbiansss that’s it

  50. omo!!
    HOT! HOT! HOT!
    and she is like what?? 16?!

    so she’s running at the airport to KISS that classmate then and not Kim Bum!!!

  51. OMG SOHEE !!
    Why no one talk about those kisses huh ??

    coolsmurf I put my ID and i can get into the CB click on DL like usual and it doesn’t let me to dl T_T
    “파일에 대한 다운로드 권한이 없습니다.
    준회원 이상만 다운로드 하실 수 있습니다.”

    If u have another CB links don’t forget to tell me 🙂
    Thanks !!

  52. the first one looked as if sohee didnt want to kiss the other girl

    but the last two…
    it looks so real haha

    lol i donno
    i’ll watch this movie once people start uploading it on youtube or something @_@

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