Hee Chul mentions Wonder Girls & So Hee again on Mithra Jin’s Radio Show 080314

Super Junior member, Kim Hee Chul made an appearance on Mithra Jin’s “Music Date” Radio show last Friday and during their 1-to-1 talk, they made references to Wonder Girls yet again plus some So Nyeo Shi Dae. Below are excerpts.

Kim Hee Chul @ Mithra Jin Music Date Radio Show 080314 (Part 2/6)

>>> Begins at 5:47 <<<

HeeChul: Mithra likes Wonder Girls originally. Ah no, he actually cherishes them. There’s a Wonder Girls poster on my wall and when I come home, I would say it, “Oppa is back!” Mithra came to my house and I told him to greet “them” and he remarked that they were cute. There was once when I bought Mithra to our company (SM Entertainment) and from that day onwards, he said that SNSD was very cute and we have been on opposing sides since then.

Mithra: Nothing like that. I knew the Wonder Girls from a long time ago.

HeeChul: Don’t joke! You said you were close with Wonder Girls and I wanted you to introduce them to me. But as they walked past us, you only said, “Hello there” and that’s it! How close is that?

Mithra: Isn’t it the same with you? You said you knew SNSD well and could intro them. But you were standing so far away from them last time at the tv station.

HeeChul: Actually not very close with them. I only know a couple. But if there were no Wonder Girls or SNSD, we might have nothing to talk about.

Mithra: Yes, we might have less things to talk about.

HeeChul: That’s right. We might not have become close friends. We knew each other better through quarreling with each other like for example, he will say, “SNSD Zzang!” and I would reply with, “Wonder Girls Zzang!”

Kim Hee Chul @ Mithra Jin Music Date Radio Show 080314 (Part 3/6)

(here they talked about them belonging to the AB blood type army)

Mithra: We have lots of similarities that’s why we became friends. Not our face but our personalities.

HeeChul: Blood type too.

Mithra: Yes, about the same. Our blood type about the same.

HeeChul: Yes, the same.

Mithra: We don’t like the same people too.

HeeChul: We don’t like the same people, the same people don’t like us. Although we can’t classify people according to blood groups, but we only call each other out when we really want to see each other. Jin Young hyung, BOA.

Mithra: Who else is AB blood type?

HeeChul: SNSD Yuri and Hyo Yeon are also AB blood type, enough?

Mithra: Not that, say the name of that person

HeeChul: Who else is there? Ahhhhh~ Wonder Girls So Hee.
Don’t do that, our ELFS will be sad.


21 thoughts on “Hee Chul mentions Wonder Girls & So Hee again on Mithra Jin’s Radio Show 080314

  1. Noooo !!!!
    ~ !!!!! Death to So Hee !!!! ~
    Heechul is mine !!!!
    Why he always talks about her ????? !!!!
    It is unfair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Seriously ~ :I think he realy likes her !!
    And So hee does too !!!

    But i dont think she is NOT the ideal girl for him !!!
    I think he looks better with Han Yeh-seul !!!!

  2. ROFL. he has a crush on sohee? lol isnt this dude in his 20s? creepy much? lmao…but okkkkkk…lol

  3. Actually, heechul mentioned Sohee a couple of times. I even saw him being interviewed (was that in yashimmanman?) where in he talked about Sohee but it was very indirect. And it wasn’t obvious that he has this “THING” on sohee since she’s like 9 years his junior. so,yeah. she’s still 16.

  4. Hee Chul really likes and cares for So Hee huh!? cool. hehe. he is already protecting her. that last line is protecting her from the Elves. cute!

  5. Heechul is just such a player ^^ don’t take it too serious xDDD; and I hope ELFs won’t do that too… if Heechul will have real crush he won’t say it loud, he said few times that he feel better on his own, that he know that whatever he says people make 10000 times bigger deal about that ^^’

    ELF – EverLastingFriends, yes it’s Super Junior fanclub~ ^^

    Btw I love that Suju members are close with SNSD and like WG too ^-^ cooperating bands it’s just lovely~ like some musicals all of them did at the end of 2007~

  6. ELF is the name for super junior’s fanclub i think..

    keke..ROFL..heechul is the weirdest celebrity fan WG can ask for..

    “Oppa is back”
    now..THAT was classic..

    anywayz..love heechul for loving WG ^^

  7. … i feel bad for the girls cuz they will get the backlash from the hating elfs…

    but other than that he is indirectly promoting them, so thats fine by me… maybe thats why their album is still in the top 10 chart… hmmm, thank you creepy dude 😛

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