Wonder Girls turning into bankable CF stars

Wonder Girls who created a “Tell Me” syndrome last year is seeing an increase in their marketing value. Thanks to the tremendous reception for “Tell Me”, Wonder Girls are turning themselves into bankable CF stars inching slowly into the leagues of Jang Dong Gun and Jo In Sung. (Sell products with ease)


Since signing with Baskin Robbin’s in November 2007 to endorse their ice-cream products, advertisers have acknowledged that Wonder Girls relaxed and friendly image has had a postive effect in increasing the consumers willingness (10 – 40 years old age bracket) to buy their products. To sum it up, they are very pleased with the effect that the Wonder Girls offer.

In addition, Wonder Girls are also actively modelling for AKA, TBJ brand of clothing outfits. TBJ expressed that the combination of the Wonder Girls and the “Tell Me” syndrome has seen sales increase dramatically.

This year, Wonder Girls has become the top option of companies seeking to use their popularity to sell their products. From clothing, cosmetics, mobile, home electric, computers, construction, etc. Wonder Girls are really spoilt for choice.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls turning into bankable CF stars

  1. I knew celebrities can get some people to buy more stuff..but I never thought it made a big difference ^^;;

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