MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 – Episodes 3 and 4

First available links out of Korea have been posted for direct downloads and online streaming. Clubbox links are available now.

MTV Wonder Girls S3E03 Watch Online (MTV Boombox)
Episode is about the making of “Wishing on a Star” music video.

Clubbox (Mkv Version)
DDL #1 | DDL #2
(Right-click, save target as. doesn’t work with Firefox)

MTV Wonder Girls S3E04 Watch Online (MTV Boombox)
Wonder Girls throws a house party for everyone involved in their trip!

Clubbox (Mkv Version)
Direct Download (Right-click, save target as or save link as)

You are recommended to use an internet download manager.

Credit: Wonderholic, MTV Korea


14 thoughts on “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 – Episodes 3 and 4

  1. The direct download links for ep3 still works. just don’t use firefox or any other browser. use ie.

  2. @coolsmurf

    Like I followed it, but I got stuck on this one part when it asks for your Social Security the Korean one..I dont have a Korean SSN..I was born in

    Any ideas?

  3. @John Lee, yes clubbox may sound confusing if you do not understand Korean. But try to read this Clubbox tutorial and follow their steps to get it working. It’s daunting initially and difficult the first time, but you will see why clubbox is great when u finally get it working.

    as for wonderholic, i have no idea about that. but i have no problems viewing videos even though i’m not a member.

    @ilove, all links work as of last update.

  4. Everytime I try to watch it on Clubbox, it does’t go through the entire episode..then it asks me to like login and stuff…

    I dont know how to get past the second step..It’s driving me crazy…

    It asks for like residency info and stuff..but I am a US Citizen!

    Anyone have any ideas? If you do thanks!


    I have a wonderholic account, but you cant watch any vids unless you’re Level 7?

    Like you start at Level 9 and have to get points to decrease your a shiat load of them…

    Any ideas to bypass this also?

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