Wonder Girls News Wrap 080313

Following is what Wonder Girls fan, jOjOlEE_x3 @ soompi saw at New Vision Church in Milpitas, CA and experienced when Yoo Bin came visiting.


there were way too many people not listening to the pastor and shoving and screaming and crowding but she was SO GORGEOUSSSSSSS

i’m kinda disappointed Sun Ye wasn’t able to come, but it was because Sun Ye’s sick right now :[
but she got called up and she talked with the pastor, and later we prayed for her all together and she started crying

then after worship we went into a room where she answered questions and took pictures as groups

there weren’t any individual pictures or signatures although my friend said he went to the back and got to take an individual picture with her (JEALOUS)

it was SO CRAZY and hectic but she was gorgeous and said some thoughtful things, so it was all worth it

oh and it got confirmed today that Sun Ye and Yoo Bin are leaving for korea tomorrow at 1 PM. Sun Mi, Ye Eun, So Hee already left yesterday? from new york

Picture by jOjOlEE_x3

Fancam by Euthanasia @ soompi of Q&A session with Yoo Bin

Here’s a eye-witness account by modell @ soompi who saw Ye Eun, Sun Mi and So Hee as they were leaving New York at the airport for Korea yesterday.

I wanted to see Yoo Bin and Sun Ye but i guess they left from san franciso then. I saw the other 3 at the airport last night.

Sun Mi’s face is sssssooooo tiny and cute. I didn’t recognize her at first and Ye Eun was also not recognizable till she was close up. So Hee looks the same. My roommate tapped So Hee on the shoulder not even knowing who she was hahaha.

Anyways in case you guys were curious, Ye Eun is REALLY REALLY nice although i’m personally YooSun fan. So Hee was the only one i recognized so i asked her for if she could sign my cd and she just looked at me and the manager rejected me.

But Ye Eun who i didn’t even know was there took the cd and asked what my name was and then signed it and gave it to Sun Mi to sign and then told So Hee to sign it. Sun Mi seemed really shy and quiet and So Hee was really mean but who knows maybe she was in a bad mood.

According to kris @ soompi, Ye Eun, So Hee, Sun Mi went back to Korea earlier is because they had to register for school. So Hee & Sunmi will register today for High School while Ye Eun for University. Sun Ye didn’t pass her college exam and so she’s taking it next year, while Yoobin is already a college student.

There’s more pictures and eye-witness accounts posted at soompi forums, so just head on over there. So by Friday, the Wonder Girls will be back in Korea!!!


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls News Wrap 080313

  1. this is mehh church!
    this church is really amazing
    if you guys have time,, just stop by, people are hecka nicee

  2. i think sohee is just mean and unthoughtful like how she said she couldn’t attend yeeun’s graduation because it was the same time as hers but she didn’t even think of going anyway.
    i always knew ye eun was a sweetheart and really cared for her fans. it kinda pisses me off how the one in WG who shows the least concern for her fans and her job is sohee yet she is the most popular and endorsed.

  3. Busy traveling for them, with Yoo Bin and Sun Ye going to the San Francisco area after performing in Los Angeles (about a one hour flight away, right?) the night before, and in time for church too; and the others going across the country again, back to New York.

  4. Yeah, but still she shouldn’t be turning the fan off not signing on her album I think thats just straight up rude…….. for that fan probably its only chance for her or him to get to see Sohee get Sohee’s autograph …………..instead of lookin at her manager and walked off …….I’m glad Ye eun stepped up been such a nice to her fan and sign on the album

  5. @ sheepie

    me too soompi seems to hate my guts…lol.. i don`t knwo what i do wrong.. i`ve made 2 accounts already and it doesn`t let me use it ever… so i gave up…

    you guys are lucky chancing up on them like that…

    maybe so hee was sad she was leaving America, she seemed to have had a ball while here…

    well ye eun seems to be a very pleasant and fun person.. i wouldn`t mind hanging out with her…i remember in their MTV season 1, in the 3 episode or so that she was in, she was lready chasing hyun ah in their terrace thingy… lol

  6. I always hear how Sohee have a such a bad attitude
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ….. dissapointing but hopefully she were just having a bad day or whatever
    I always heard Ye eun is very sweet I love her Yoobin and her are my favorite
    it doesnt matter how beautiful cute you are if you have a bad attitutude just a big turn off

  7. Okay. Gotta translate this now.
    Coolsmurf you are talented with translation.
    To count, you know at least 3 languages. Er, maybe there are more eh? LOL…
    Thanks for this, i seldom visits soompi, the site doesnt like me somehow and im quite puzzled by the way the thread works… hahaha…

  8. Ahhh I was there~
    I called to her and she smiled at me when I made a heart with my arms.
    It was fun~

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