Wonder Girls News Wrap 080311

Steve Chen, co-founder and chief technical officer of popular video sharing website, Youtube was in Korea for a 2-day visit to promote the localised version of Youtube. He mentioned during the press conference about a video showing traffic policemen dancing to Wonder Girls “Tell Me” song was funny.


According to this Korea Times news report (right-click, save target or link as), JYP and the Wonder Girls were interviewed about the “The JYP Tour”. At the end, it was mentioned that they would be going to San Franciso, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc. So if you are living in those areas, you would note this down.

But they are just visiting the cities not having a concert.

Two pictures of Sun Ye and Ye Eun going to Samil Church.


According to a sighting by sonwily, Yoo Bin and Sun Ye was spotted in the vicinity of Milpitas, California at New Vision Church. Keep your eyes peeled.

Now with that latest information written above, it’s unlikely that Wonder Girls will be returning to Korea today, 11th March as said earlier from news reports. So when will they be returning to Korea?

According to this Newsen report today, there was a line that wrote:

It is planned that Wonder Girls will return (to Korea) on the 13th.

They will be appearing at M Super Concert on 25th March, their first performance since leaving Korea. But they not going to 2008 Peace Concert probably due to scheduling conflicts.


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls News Wrap 080311

  1. Someone posted about SunYe & YooBin going to New Vision Church in Milpitas etc @ DC,… I guess it was on the Sunday.

  2. I just checked their official web and there’s a schedule for Music Core on the 15th but it is still unannounced whether SoHee & SunYe will be mcing this Saturday.

  3. the lady said “san francisco, chicago, las vegas, and other cities, a total of 5 will be toured.”
    dang thats gonna poop them out…and then they have that thing on the 25th…
    thats like no sleep…plus jet lag
    and the wondergirls show

    hope they get their rest =]
    dont want them to get sick again

  4. YAR.

    I’m so going to SanFrancisco.

    If I don’t spot them here.
    u u


    Thanks for sharing<3

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