May Doni: Sun Ye helped me in the past

May Doni revealed in a recent interview with Newsen how Wonder Girls member Sun Ye helped her during their stint in “99% Talent Development Project Challenge,” where both got in as trainees of JYP Entertainment. Born in 1991, May Doni was younger than Sun Ye by 2 years.


“During the show, my mother helped Sunye with her clothes and she also helped me a lot when I practiced singing. At that time, I was only in elementary and she was in middle school and the 2-year gap was probably the reason why we’re not that close. But now as I look back, I have many good memories of her. I’m very glad that I’ve known Sun Ye,” May Doni said.

Credit: krnloop


12 thoughts on “May Doni: Sun Ye helped me in the past

  1. sun ye is a kind soul… with all shes been through, she still has a smile on her face and helping others… if only we were all like that…

  2. aw!!! I feel so bad about sunye’s mother too…but good thing that may doni’s mom helped her and sunye helped her back…:) started to like may doni more…XD

  3. sun ye is kind and generous. she helped many people.she’s so nice and sweet.that’s why JYP like her..

  4. coolsmurf, hello! I got it wrong. It was MAY DONI’s MOTHER who helped Sunye with her clothes. I had them switched. I already edited my entry in krnloop. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. exactly same question marks as y’all.
    I was thinking for a while if should post it. LOL.
    And i thought she was a yg trainee lor!

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