The JYP Tour: The Wiltern @ Los Angeles 080308

“The JYP Tour” @ Los Angeles kicked off tonight in Los Angeles and I am sure it’s pretty much the same energetic concert in New York. Here’s some pictures and video from one staff who was there.


Intro + Irony

Tell Me

Credit: chrissejin @ soompi and


14 thoughts on “The JYP Tour: The Wiltern @ Los Angeles 080308

  1. They’re not going to be performing at the USC Peace Concert like they were scheduled to do. Real disappointing, but hopefully they return to California again sometime soon.

  2. nice… lol.. the fans went crazy when yoobin started dancing…

    so they are back in korea next week right? so i guess they didn`t get to do the whole atlanta thing…too bad

    wonder if they will promote “wishing on a star” when they get back to korea… lets croos our fingers, cuz i really want to see them perform it live…

  3. I wish they would come to Thailand T T
    I want to see real Soheeeee
    And i was wondering.
    when are they coming back to Korea?

  4. Yeah, looks like the NY one was much louder but to me WG performed better in LA. Like Yoobin didn’t have to wear that JYP’s wig and she danced to Sohee’s solo dance. Sunye’s voice was sounded better at the end of Tell Me in LA. Just my opinion…

  5. Omg, super happy when I saw my Yoobin dancing the “sohee solo dance” :D:D And the people wanting to touch sunmi and Yoobin 😀 Omg super WG!

  6. They always perform that song. I just wish it wouldn’t get old to the put people will get sick of hearing it like the macarena. lol

  7. i should’ve gone hu hu hu. dang it soo many things went wrong for me. anyways. i wish the girls wore other outfits.. different from the NY one but they look great still! ^^

  8. the New york one was so much better not being mean or anything i mean like the crowd was louder and more into it the la and all the la ppl are sitting ny get to stand and stuff u guys no what i mean? =D but ether way wondergirls rule no matter where they are

  9. awww tibad i couldent go i went to the new york 1 =D stand for 3hour and 30 min for them is worth it kinda disapointed that didnt get an autograph but everything out was great to much jyp tho

  10. AWESOME!! why does yoobin have to wear the ugly wig for nyc but she gets to have her real hair for LA? =( lols

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