MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 – Episodes 1 and 2

First available links out of Korea have been posted for direct downloads and online streaming. Clubbox links now available.

MTV Wonder Girls S3E01 Watch Online (MTV Boombox)
Sun Mi does most of the talking as we are taken to the scene where they filmed the MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Trailer. We then go through each of Sun Mi, So Hee and Ye Eun individual graduation ceremonies. Then we see them meeting up with Mak PD to finalise their plans for their American trip. Finally, we see Wonder Girls departing Korea for New York as we end episode one.


English Hardsubbed (external link)
Clubbox (Mkv Version)
Clubbox (Wmv Version)
Direct Download (Right-click, save target as or save link as)

MTV Wonder Girls S3E02Watch Online (MTV Boombox)
We see them on the airplane and then finally touching down in New York and going to their studio apartment. Then it’s mostly of them touring the sights of New York in the day and night.


Clubbox (Mkv Version)
Clubbox (Wmv Version)
Direct Download
(Right-click, save target as or save link as)

MTV Wonder Girls BTS
Download (Right-click, save target as or save link as)

You are recommended to use an internet download manager.

Credit: Wonderholic


23 thoughts on “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 – Episodes 1 and 2

  1. Ohmygod please would you reupload MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 again? Im so desperate! Pleaseeeeeee! All links are not working for me! The clubbox links require some sort of password and the direct links are not functioning! Please coolsmurf help me please!

  2. Sorry but I don’t know how to download can you teach me?

    Well here’s my problem. I tried using the direc download link on both Fire Fox and Internet Explorer but this thing just pops up and says : C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\10065597420080307201957.flv could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

    Please help I really love the wondergirls, but even better can you put it online? :/

  3. is there any direct download for english subtitle??
    i don’t know the password on ahboo wordpress..T_T

  4. u just need to click on the link, if u don’t have clubbox installed, it will pop-up asking u to install, let it install, and click the link again, the application will pop out and start downloading…

  5. thanks for the links coolsmurf. i was wondering, how do i access the clubboxes? i have a clubbox account but i can’t access those clubboxes 😦

  6. coolsmurf,
    i clicked the watching online link
    and how come i was only able to
    watch 2 minutes of it? then something
    pops up…?

  7. coolsmurf, can you put the file in a download link? like rar.

    i can’t right click and save.i’m having a retarded laptop and

    lousy internet speed.thanks very much!


    I was wondering, does anyone know what song is playing in the beginning, when they show each girls’ names? It’s from 1:10 to 1:56.

    Thanks again! 😀

  9. thank you so much!
    I’ve watched a bit in wonderholic but it was SO slow
    so I’ll download it from your links =D thank you so much
    from what I’ve seen
    I love it! I think this will be my fave season =D

  10. Coolsmurf, when I right click the link, Save Target As didn’t appear…
    And when I left click it, a weird page appeared…
    How to download it?

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