Wonder Girls Wishing on a Star MV

“Wishing on a Star” MV was shown this morning at 8am on MTV Korea and I have updated it with a HQ version over the LQ version posted this morning.

The chosen couple is So Hee and Sun Mi as expected. ^.^ Sun Ye has a lot of solo parts. So Hee is the main character but doesn’t sing (?). Sun Mi, Yoo Bin and Ye Eun takes a background role but you get to see and hear Yoo Bin sing. With so many conditions put in place and having to accomodate MTV, itSens, the MV looks “restricted” (not much room to be creative) and was kind of not what most would have expected considering they were in New York.


Interlude: The interesting beginning saw Sun Mi crying and it was touching. She was worried her dream wasn’t going to come true & didn’t know if she was going to succeed. And it was Season 1 & now seeing her, she did succeed.

Storyline: So Hee’s loner scandal (remember how everyone said that So Hee was an outcast? And that the other members didn’t like her, etc) Well, So Hee sees all those news articles on the internet, and she’s really depressed. Basically, she’s sad how everyone misunderstands the situation.

Then one day, she receives a message saying (paraphrased) “Be strong So Hee. I know you can do it.” So Hee feels bright spirited, etc. Then she looks on the internet again and becomes sad due to the other misunderstanding, cursing etc. They had a dream of being singers and although they have accomplished it, there are obstacles in the way.

So Hee is feeling depressed again when she receives another message (paraphrased) “So Hee, don’t be sad. I know its hard..etc” So Hee is thankful towards this mysterious ‘guardian angel.’ One day, she comes home to see the laptop on, she looks at it and discovers that someone has been typing up a message telling her to be bright spirited. Sun Mi then comes out of the room, and So Hee realizes that Sun Mi had been sending all those uplifting letters.

Moral of the Story: To realize that during hard times, its the people who are close to you that will give you strength, and when you are tired and exhausted, remember your dream/goals and reach for it.

Credits: J E W E L Z * & I.said.hi @ soompi forums for explanation

High-Quality Version
Part 1 (HFS)
Part 2 (HFS)
Part 3 (HFS)

password: wishingonastar


38 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Wishing on a Star MV

  1. made me wanna cry when i watched the MV after iv’e read the english translation of the lyrics and this post…T_T
    sohee hwaiting!!

  2. i hear (not sure if its true) that sohee doesnt sing here cause this song was a song that the othr members are singing to her to encourage her and everything. this mv makes me sad.

  3. thanks so much coolsmurf! 🙂

    okay, the mv might be a little simple, but I still think it’s really good. It’s the simpleness that makes it. and you can’t deny that the girls don’t look good in here.

  4. thx fo subbin it coolsmurf!i watched it in utube 2!!!heheeeeeeeeeee

    sohee looked so mature when she didnt show her cute image her….i lub this video alot!!!!!

  5. !!!
    one of the street corners where they sing is where BoA filmed “Don’t Start Now”
    I ❤ yoobin’s jacket

  6. omg , thank you coolsmurf . the video was .. decent i guess . lol . translations definately made it much easier . miso moment ❤

  7. yoo bin sang! that’s pretty awesome….and lots of sun ye…which is great. nice scenery too…hey, at least there’s some positive stuff. 🙂

  8. Very simple video… Thankfully for Coolsmurf’s background info, I sort of understood what the video was trying to convey… Nevertheless, I still love the Wonder Girls…

    The direct Samsung advertising is funny to me… 😀

  9. a bit disappointed but i get the meaning behind it..

    I expected the product placement to be done in a more subtle way though, it was beight orange and in most scenes.

    Being in New York I expected more, but I can`t really complain.. Sun Mi really touched me there, I think she will gain more fans and support…

    Well the first time i watched it i hated it and i was about to break my computer screen, but i watched it a second time and it got better… with that being said, I`m off watching it for the 3rd, see if I like it more…

    he he

  10. It was just aired this morning at 8 AM in Korea and u already have it uploaded in HQ. Man, is there any other name cooler than coolsmurf? 🙂

  11. as much as i hate to say this (because i adore wondergirls so much), i have to say it.

    MV is boring.

    The starting was good was touching (with sunmi crying and all), but after that, i lost interest.

    Like others, i was expecting more. there’s too many shots of the 5 of them, just standing there and singing. they could’ve been creative. i see the story (sohee), so they should’ve played that further to make the mv better.

    but i must say, the girls look so good in the video. =)

    and the last pic with the lappie crack me up. it looks to me like a promo ad for samsung lappies! Hahahahaha. =P

    Disappointed? Very. Because i waited so long for it.

    BUT, i still love wondergirls anyway. Hwaiting girls! =)

  12. i dled it, thanks ^^
    kind of dissapointed that we get to see so little ye eun and yoobin since they always appeared so little in wg MVs~
    i think sunye looks very pretty but i still prefer her with straight hair. and yoobin looks sexy in the suit =D

    it’s a visually pleasing mv, i suppose but kind of dissapointed since i expected a whole lot more. but i’m glad to get to see new wonder girls stuff since i miss them ^______^

  13. even though it wasn’t a creative video it sure had lots of meaning to it. It was great, very inspiring =D Love WG!~~

  14. look on the bright side, if not for the sponsors, there will never be this mv to begin with.

  15. that was such a letdown, it looks like it was made on a budget…not to mention the big samsung product featuring going on.

  16. Oh man. That’s really cute. O O
    Thanks for sharing!!!!<33333

    Sohee and Sunmi~<33

  17. mee too i was expecting for more. but, nonetheless, its a nice treat. i figured So Hee and Sun Mi would be fighting over a guy.. but its about netizens. lol.

    ill wait for a HQ ver
    then comeback after i survive through a big test
    and comment on the rest of the new posts.

  18. i’m sure theres going to be another version of this……..
    judging by some of the pictures that we saw of them filming which are not here……..

  19. @Luan, you have to unrar it with winrar.

    ensure you have XVID or ffdshow codec.

    if not you can always get KMPlayer or Gom Player or videoLan if you don’t don’t wanna install codecs.

    All are free and google them!

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