Wonder Girls preparing their comeback in May after finishing their America concerts

The Wonder Girls will make their comeback in May 2008 with their second album.


Wonder Girls had stopped all activities after attending all major song festivals at the end of last year. They were then on vacation with each of them busy with their own activities. They are currently in America now as guests for “The JYP Tour” and just had 4,000 fans going crazy over them in New York last week. Their next stop is Los Angeles on 8th March, this Saturday.

The five adorable Wonder Girls are set to release their second album in May. According to sources, the track list has already been decided internally and Wonder Girls will go into the studios for recording immediately upon their return.

They are also attending the 2008 Peace Concert on 5th April in Los Angeles.

Wonder Girls had become the talk of Korea and possibly the rest of the world after their “Tell Me” retro dance mania last year.


6 thoughts on “Wonder Girls preparing their comeback in May after finishing their America concerts

  1. it’s very contradicting. the earlier news said it was mini-album before they left for America. but now the news only mentioned 2nd album.

    think it’s all pretty sketchy now and we will know as the date draws closer…they can change their plans as they wish…

  2. i heard it was only a single…but a whole album? hmm wish them the best! i want to hear a more mature side this time 🙂

  3. Am I the only one that thinks that its early for a second album? The gils need to rest don`t they? but I see the marketing plan… releasing a song right before summer is the best way, cuz then it becomes sort of a summer song which lasts 3 months… And listening to it during your school year, reminds you of summer…well thats how it is with me…

  4. Am I reading this correctly? 2nd Album? Not 2nd Single? OMONA! I’m so happy that JYP decided to release another album instead woohooo. But what about their plans to promote overseas like China, Japan, & Thailand? Maybe after the release of 2nd album or in April?

  5. another album! yaaaay!
    but then it’s sad that they dont get to rest at all once they’re back in korea. i hope whatever song they release next will become a big hit like tell me~

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