MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Trailer

Just to clarify the timing for “Wishing on a Star” MV. Will be shown on MTV Channel at 8 in the morning and through MTV Boombox at 8 in the evening. It will most probably be recorded by Wonderfuls after it has aired on television!


Nuff has been said about it, just counting down. They will show two episodes back-to-back this Friday on MTV Channel at 7.30pm and so it will last for approximately a hour. Subsequently, it will be available online through MTV Boombox (for users without MTV Korea) at 8.30pm on the same day.


Download (HyperFileShare)
Download (

password: wondergirls

Word of caution, do not upload this to youtube because it’s from mtv and past uploads of mtv videos have led to YT accounts being suspended.

Credit: drolfxil for dailymotion streaming


9 thoughts on “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Trailer

  1. @Mellerz, no i did not sub the last self-cam episode, the wonderful subbing team did. and i do not have all episodes.

  2. heyyy , i see u subbed self cam last episode .
    sorry to bother but do you have all of episode 1 – 11 ?

  3. wait they included sun mi`s graduation? was that a week before their departure? nice, well get to see before New york and while in New York/america…great concept..

  4. well i love your site soo much im ma support u guys =D im ma put yur link on my myspace so more ppl can comment and make this site bigger then it already is

  5. Off topic, coolsmurf, do you know that YeEun missed her U registration on 1st March?
    Do you have any news about what after?
    I cant find any.
    since you’re so resourceful thought u might hv.

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