Would love to meet Hee Chul oppa but scared of SJ fans

The maknae of 5-member girl group, Wonder Girls, Ahn So Hee gave her response with regards to Kim Hee Chul who had revealed his liking for her.


“Very thankful (to Kim Hee Chul oppa). I would love to meet Hee Chul oppa as soon as possible to convey my thanks.”

So Hee was interviewed by Daily Sport on 11th October, “We often do programs with Super Junior but we aren’t that close (So Hee and Hee Chul). It was only later through the news and then the internet that I found out that Hee Chul oppa had joined my fan cafe.” She added, “Hee Chul oppa also gave me a nickname, ‘Mandu So Nyeo’. Maybe it’s because no one gave me a special nickname when I was in junior school so I quite like this nickname.”

Although she hopes to know SJ Hee Chul better, So Hee is worried about Super Junior’s extremist fans. So Hee and the Wonder Girls were actually permanent casts on one of Super Junior’s radio programs, but after some extreme protests plus threats on Wonder Girls Cyworld, they had no choice but to call it quits.

So Hee said, “Even though we aren’t very close, I am very thankful to Hee Chul oppa for liking me. But this has led to many awkward and scary situations for me. During interviews, many will ask, “Do you have any thoughts about meeting Kim Hee Chul?”, etc. I don’t really know how to answer them. If I get to see Hee Chul oppa (he is the MC) on SBS “Inkigayo”, I would thank him for liking me.’

This is an old news article, but I just translated it since all we get are Hee Chul one-way responses. This is an article regarding So Hee’s response and was reported on 11th October 2007.


25 thoughts on “Would love to meet Hee Chul oppa but scared of SJ fans

  1. yes i like hee chul oppa so much actualy these is my firtime doing these actualy when i saw him he make me smile for every day of mylife im totaly beasy to my life i feel sick and dieying im so lonely and boring but because of him i try to be strong person i dont know why i like him bec.her diff. personalyty i like her good looking her smile her attitude everything actualy i realy want him to be came my friend and i wealing to see him personaly if i have a chance actualy if i want a baby i like to be look like him the same him one of my friend ask me question obout if you want a baby someday but your not getting marrige something like doing some other people you know donition like single parent who want you and why? im smile first then i said kim chu oppa of super junior my friend laughing and sacking to what im said that time why? because i have a reason that i feel because of him i become happy for the rest of my life i know is realy possible that happen but for me he was totaly spicial like solmate hai i hope someday i have a chance to talking him thank you and i hope some friend helping me to have chance talking him by the way im mary castillo im from phillippine 27 but now im here in abu dhabi uae because working her kim hee chul oppa keep being the way you are i hope someday give some reply i want you to be my friend and mentor of mylife give me reply to my email add merly_crey23@yahoo.com or call me 0097152379015 thank i hope you read my message i always happy because of you

  2. i like them to be together cause both cute ma…
    then,heechul just say that heechul like her not love her.
    i like both of them..cute,talented n have a personality.
    huhuhu…love heechul oppa n soo he unnie..sranghae

  3. i don’t think they look good together…it just so happened that hee chul like her but it doesn’t mean she has to return his feelings..(sorry if ever my grammariswrong)…and why the heck would she get so scared about the fans??i thin kshe’s only trying to be cute..haha ( sorry ,,, i hope no one would get mad for this…i’m just jealous for some reason)

  4. Actually, in my opinion, they really looks cute together
    and anti fans are annoying..

    don’t hate my opinion since its a personal opinion 🙂
    SoChul go go~ (lol ^^)

  5. GRR. They were gonna do a radio show with SJ permanently? UGH. I hate extremist fans. D: Don’t they realize how unattractive people find that? :/ Poo.

  6. omg not trueee we’re not gonna threat her if she meets heechul oppa. what the heck. those are prolly some heechul antis that wants to give heechul bad names in the media. i really hope they get to chat sometime. really, all we [ELF] want is oppa’s happiness.
    sohee’s really cute, but oppa.. honestly, youre 10 years apart 🙂

  7. Can someone tell me why Super Junior Fans would be so upset that the Wonder Girls were permanent guests on one of Super Junior’s radio shows–which in turn caused So Hee to be afraid to meet Hee Chul?

  8. AMG I would love Sohee and Heechul meet togerther! Sohee shouldn’t be afraid of E.L.F, because there are lot’s of WONDERFULs too!


  9. extreme protest and threats is a bit of a strech lmao.

    More like typical jealous SUJU fans attacking her cyworld only.
    there were no damn protest unless you considering netizens online a protest lmao

  10. beeing a fan it means you support the celebrity you like see theire movies go to the concerts and that is all.dont think that if you act like someone who just got out of a mental disorder hospital youre going to imprese them!the girl that poisoned yuhno is problebly a person with mental illness. Dont you think that if they want to date they will? no matter what the fans, antifans will say or do?the right to love belongs to everyone even if youre VIP or not!

  11. don’t you curios what heechul gonna do when he meets so hee? c’mon just let him meet her ! it will be very funny , or maybe we will see heechul nervous for the first time ! Wahhahahaha!

  12. Ahh..she’s cute lar~
    hey…let her see Hee chul oppa lar~
    it’s okay just chat a bit…
    she meet Hee chul oppa dun mean they wanna date ar?
    Heechul oppa ❤

  13. at least she admits she’s scared of the ELF fans i’m afraid also >< we’re all fans but how come the others has to scare me!!
    love sohee^^ dumpling^^ and chulrella “oppa”

  14. Anti-fans are so annoying. It would be nice to see some Wonder Junior. =) I’d also like to see Heechul’s expression once they meet up.

  15. I thought So Hee hated that nickname? She said she didn’t like it when she came on Sang Sang Plus at least…

  16. It’s cool to be a fan of the groups out there, but to be so possessive and crazy that entertainers have to think twice about interacting with certain groups is retarded. Support your artists (buy their CD’s, go to their concerts, etc) but don’t be a retard and go overboard. (making threats on webpages or slipping poison in a drink to hospitalize a celebrity. Sound familiar?)

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