“Wishing on a Star” MV to be revealed exclusively on MTV channel first

Korean girl group, Wonder Girls newest MV, “Wishing on a Star” will be revealed exclusively via MTV Channel first on 5th March (tomorrow).


MTV Network revealed today, “‘Wishing on a Star’ MV was filmed on location in New York in February and will be shown on MTV Channel on 5th March.” 

Wonder Girls was first made known to the public through “MTV Wonder Girls” program before actually debuting. They were also in New York in February to film Season 3 of “MTV Wonder Girls”. Scenes from “Wishing on a Star” MV will also be used in parts of Samsung Electronics, “itSens” notebook series CF.

“Wishing on a Star” MV was filmed on location in various parts of New York City. For example, Soho Street in Manhattan New York, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge plus other major landmarks (It will be fun for those living or know New York to see familiar sights). Despite the cold harsh weather and an unfamiliar enviroment, we saw how professional these young girls were as they recorded the programs, so much different from similiar aged girls. Their spirit was commended by MTV Korea staff and also the American crew.


Park Jin Young who has been with them since “MTV Wonder Girls” Season 1 expressed, “The girls were very professional and totally bought out the program essence. Every minute of the MV filming made one feel warmth.” “A totally new matured charisma which was totally different from their ‘Tell Me’ days.”

Following right after their MV tomorrow will be”MTV Wonder Girls” Season 3 this Friday (7th March) starting at 7.30pm (Korean time). The program will showcase the girls enjoying their time in New York as normal folks, not stars.


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