Kim Hee Chul expresses his liking for So Hee again!

SJ Kim Hee Chul expressed his liking for So Hee again recently during a program.


In the SBS variety show, “Confrontation! 8 VS 1 episode shown on 3rd March, the guests that day included Solbi, Mithra Jin, Kim Hee Chul, Byun Ki Soo, etc.

During the recording, there were two instances where Wonder Girls and So Hee was mentioned respectively. One was when Kim Hee Chul heard from a celebrity couple that their ages differed by 9 years. He immediately exclaimed in response, “Me and Wonder Girls So Hee also differ by 9 years.”

Mithra Jin who is of the same age with him then said, “That’s all he thinks about, this guy.” Hee Chul fought back, “It’s not that at all. Mithra Jin, he’s already how old and he does online games with me and his online gaming name is “soshi soshi” from SNSD. His ID is “soshi soshi” and he’s 26 years old.” Mithra likewise returned with a venomous response, “Kim Heechul who is 26 years old just like me has his ID is “wonder wonder” from Wonder Girls Wonder Girls.. This made everyone present burst into laughter. (thanks to damifino)

Kim Hee Chul always mentions and reminds everyone that he is a fan of the Wonder Girls and especially Ahn So Hee. He had also nicknamed himself, “King Wang Zzang Mandu Pie Ahn So Hee” and became a member of her fan cafe.


23 thoughts on “Kim Hee Chul expresses his liking for So Hee again!

  1. SOHEECHUL is my fave couple ever ! :DDD really love how hee oppa finds a way to mention sohee unnie .. haha .. so cute .. 2HEE , jjang ! hwaiitng ! xDDD

    (daragon is suitable than heedragon dudes.. xDD well, it’s just my opinion , dont bash me .. hahaha .. BUT SOHEECHUL is the BEST suitable couple though .. :DDDD)

  2. so hee and hee chul will be a great couple…i like seeing them in a show together and how hee chul look at so hee. I think the feeling is mutual…hehehe..when i saw an episode of the family outing featuring wonder girls…i saw a part of that so hee is also looking at hee chul..i don’t’s just a hunch…i hope they will have a number together…hehe

  3. i wanna see them together (punched myself)
    ok no, but i wanna see them in the same show
    or some thing like that ^^

    WG jjang ~
    Mithra Jin so cute~ XD

  4. Please heechul leave So hee and marry me ,PLEASE!!!!
    Seriously :Heechul go on !!!!!!!!!
    Bring it on !!!!!

  5. I think they are a good couple ,the are both cute .But Heechul says that he likes So Hee(~10 years younger~)now Han Yeh-seul(~Who knows how older she is~).Heechul must find a woman for his age,like ME .So Heechul MARRY ME ,PLEASE!!!

    (Helen from Greece)

    ~Serious~:They look so great together!!!
    I hope that Heechul find an ideal woman for him !!!


  6. I have always admired kim hee chul and supported him. But I am sooooo jealous- If it is true that he does like Sohee who is the same age as me….. I am going to be crushed to the very core. I want to become a singer and dancer so I can meet up with kim hee chul. But I can’t…. It seems impossible. I like wonder girls and I supported them too. But Sohee, I don’t know…. but I am too mad…. I guess me becoming a doctor is better than becoming a singer and dancer to just meet up with my idol and role model- KIM HEE CHUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. heechul = FUNNY
    he and mithra jin is so funny i love them ❤
    it’s so funny i think they should go to a gag concert together or something lols
    so hee is cute^^ she’s older than me a year but i have to say she is adorable. and she’s like an older sis^^

  8. I’d like to see this, his expression in the picture looks like he has stolen the cookie from the cookie jar.

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