Five nominations for Wonder Girls at 5th Korean Music Awards

Official Site:
Voting site:
Date & Time: 5th March 2008, 7pm
Venue: Sungkyunkwan 600th Anniversary Hall
Voting period: 2nd February – 2nd March

Wonder Girls are nominated in the following five categories: 1) Song of the Year, 2) Best Rookie, 3) Excellence in Dance & Electronic Song, 4) Excellence in Dance & Electronic album and 5) Netizen Best Artiste of the Year

Judging criteria is based on sales, popularity, quality and general review.

This award ceremony is for music that is the “best” in korea and songs that represents korea itself I guess. That’s why there are so many unknown artists in there despite their lesser popularity, they have good music and are good musicians. I think that it’s something similar to Grammy Awards or something.

The news report below is the judges explanation on why the Wonder Girls deserved to be nominated in five categories.

The fact that the Wonder girls have been nominated for our ceremony just shows what kind of personality we have.

We have taken out the whole saying that Wonder Girls can’t sing and also mentioned although that may be true, their album and song is nominated in excellence award. This  shows exactly that we’re not nominating just whatever but just one thing. we’re nominating music and standard music only.

We don’t know what it was like when Wonder Girls were recording (meaning how they sound on CD) but still we nominated this album and music. They had the ability and things that makes them deserve to have the different nominations.

We have not put them as candidates just because Korea was crazy with “Tell Me” and just said this is what we think the ceremony stardard is.

I guess Wonder Girls made the stardards and they were the 2nd most nominated from all the candidates (The first is Epik High and Lee Juck). Younha is also in nominated for Best Rookie but other than her, none of the other artists are well known which means Wonder Girls is like O_O.

Credit: Dream* @ Wonder Girls International Forum


4 thoughts on “Five nominations for Wonder Girls at 5th Korean Music Awards

  1. I just checked the news and I think WG got one award ^^

    “최우수 댄스&일렉트로닉노래-원더걸스 ‘텔미’”

    It’s Excellence in Dace & Electronic Song. 1 is better than nothing and this is really big event too, competing with other big artists. Anyway, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Wonder Girls.

  2. i foolshly tried to vote for them, but i had to register and my korean isn`t really good, so yeah….

    btw i love the new “ye eun trademark wink”gif …

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