Wonderful Subbing Team Formed!!!

Seeing how other similiar groups like SNSD, Big Bang, etc have their own subbing team already for quite some time, it was kind of weird to see Wonder Girls not having one. It’s not like they are less popular on the digital domain.

It’s great that a subbing team for Wonder Girls has been formed in the time that I was away! This is really good news for all Wonderfuls and a great way to promote them, especially to neutrals. I can probably finally stop working on translating Wonder Girls stuff since I was waiting for this to happen!

Their first work is Wonder Girls Self Camera Episode 11, click to view on YT!!!

Official announcement by meteorstarbb829 from soompi forums

this is wg related so yeah (:

it’s now official that wonder girls has a subbing team. yessir [= i, meteorstarbb829 paired up with ariel/xsimplyjuicy to create this subbing team. we are currently thinking of subbing the mtv season 3 every week. but as you all know we are lacking of subbers =/ if you have any knowledge about encoding,subbing,translating,timing,and hardsubbing please pm me and we`ll work something out.

but what we really need right now is translators. as of right now, we are busy students but we decided to take our time and subbed mnet ep.11, the last episode. as you can see, the package is not as good as other fansubbers but we worked hard on this. as long as we get “employees” we will get better and better. please apply if you have any knowledge. it doesn’t matter if you can speak korean or not, if your willing to spend timeless hours with the team and learning the concept you are in the crew. like what jyp said “it`s not about the talent, it’s about the potential.” if your willing to learn from scratch and you know what your doing apply now.

btw, this is my first time encoding and hardsubbing so to tell you the truth, i never actually knew how to sub until i taught myself how. im pretty sure most of the wonderfuls will appreciate our hard work.

we are not promising anything since we do have schoolwork but we are working hard to produce subbed videos. the more translators we get, the more quickly things could get done.

Wonderful Subbing Team


translator: ariel / xsimplyjuicy , luxtoraa , anna/dbsglover
timer : vanessa/heygingersnap , fernie , anita
encoder: vanessa/heygingersnap ,anita
subber: jann/meteorstarbb829
hardsubber: jann/meteorstarbb829
distributor: boo/drofixl , ava/wonderbang
uploaders: joan/belle_aimez*

meteorstarbb829 is still recruiting for translators [= so please, apply now by messaging her on soompi! thank you.


17 thoughts on “Wonderful Subbing Team Formed!!!

  1. uhh…it doesn’t seem like anyone’s “mad” or “bashing”….everyone just seems surprised that’s all….i believe that’s understandable.

    and now that you explained it, we understand the situation more because we weren’t given the details beforehand. no one can be blamed for that.

  2. Yeah, stop it guys…they are good people as well as our coolsmurf!

    So long as you guys come up with WG stuffs subbed, doesn’t matter who did it. But we thank you all for the hard work. I, who can’t do nothing but watching the subbed clips, wish the best for everybody…! I’m still learning Korean hahaha…

  3. PLEASE STOP GETTING MAD AT JANN! I asked her and she replied saying MTV would be our first priority before posting up other shows they appeared in. There will be some other things uploaded along with the MTV but that would be our first priority. We appreciate Alvin’s contribution to help sub shows with Wonder Girls, so she DID NOT REJECT HIM! We always appreciate his help with his subbing so please stop thinking the other way and stop bashing her. They both are on good terms and you guys are causing a big rackus on this misunderstanding.

  4. really? that sounds very strange…how can they reject help when they need it? especially from someone who has been subbing WG stuff for awhile now.

    well that’s fine alvin. you’re doing well all by yourself anyways so they can do their thing and you can do yours. 🙂

  5. Yeah that’s true, take it as a break so that u can feed us more Wonder Girls stuffs 🙂
    This blog is wonderful already hahaha…

  6. hey cool sub team!!!!!!…finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but ya ^ there`s no way they rejected you on purpose…………………

    you do so much already just for us wonderfuls……..(who don’t know korean…..)……so i think they give you a break!!!!!!….
    and yep you too famous!!!!!!!!!!!….

    and thanks so so much!!!!!!!……..love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. there`s no way they rejected you on purpose.. you practically started it all… having you on the team should be a big plus for them , you are soo well known…

    but i`m glad wondergirls finally has a fansubbing team… yeah!!

    and you are back already? welcome back 😛

  8. Noooo way the rejected u for even a reason…! And no way that people hate u, unless u stole their lunchbox hahaha…

  9. Wow I’m surprised that they rejected u… until now u r like the one who sub WG stuffs…
    If no reply maybe they are busy lol

    Btw happy that u r back ^___^

  10. don’t really get her reason for rejecting me. guess ppl hate me maybe somewhat. i offered my help for miraculous victory and defeat and got no reply, that’s worse.

  11. oh this is awesome! i’ll spread the word to get more people to join 🙂

    and why was your offer rejected? 😦

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