Wonder Girls official fanclub, “Wonderful” starts its 2nd recruitment drive

Wonder Girls created a storm in the latter half of 2007 with their “Tell Me” hit and also winning the accolade as Korea’s Little Sisters. Their official fanclub, “wonderful” has recently begun its second recruitment drive.

As JYP first-ever girl group, Wonder Girls have swiftly won the hearts of teenage fans since their debut in February 2007. Their official fanclub, “wonderful” was formed in March 2007 and during the promotion of their first album, Wonder Girls have been always thanking the wonderfuls for their support.

The application to join the fanclub ends on 21st March and is done through the fan cafe. There are currently 1,000 applications. (Think there’s a limited number)

You have to register at Daum first with your name & your ID and stuff. Then you’ll get a call from Daum on your mobile as a confirmation then after that you can join whatever. (Thanks to wawa* for the information)

A JYPE spokesperson expressed, “wonderful is more precious than anything else for the Wonder Girls. We hope to gather more people who likes the Wonder Girls and then support them together.”

Wonder Girls are currently in America as guests for “The JYP Tour” concerts.


38 thoughts on “Wonder Girls official fanclub, “Wonderful” starts its 2nd recruitment drive

  1. las wonder girls son muy bonitas y hacen muy buena pareja con los big bang,
    y son muy buenas y divertidas

  2. Hlw wondergals anneong m nt ur anti-fan or fan in obssess wid u but i lyk all artist coz u all are equal 4 me and its awesome and cool;) and i knw how it feels 2 be haterd by other coz ur grt 4 me and let me tell u dat i also want 2 be a k-pop singers lyk u all and show the people who insult me dat i can sing and dats my passion he3 :D:D:D

  3. LOL@ the pathetic anti who has too much time on his/her hands and spent it typing 4 comments using 4 different names to make it seem like more people.

  4. hi wonder girls
    ilove your songs and your ___ soo cool and your style 2
    and ilove your songs bout i dont under stand it its ok if i get your E-mail really and see u in candy land

  5. I want to meet wondergurls.. they are awesome.. they r soooo cute n alwayz give fantastic performance.. hehe

  6. An nyeong haseyo wondergirls! Though it was brief watching you at San Jose, on aug. 3. Kamsahamida So Hee I was able to say hi and have brief eye contact with you as you were leaving the stage. You seem like a natural sweethearted girl.

  7. I wanna meet the wondergirls 😦
    Ive been a fan since the group debuted in korea!!
    ( i was only 11 then )
    but im not korean.
    And i have tried joining th fan since 2007 ,
    but until now i still failed to join.
    Can thr be a small exception? 😦
    Pretty please?

    Wondergirls i will always be thr for u no matter what!!!
    saranghaeyo ❤

  8. The top picture, they need to lay off the makeup. They are pretty, but to much make up. Sunye’s the only good one in Wonder Girls.

  9. Dude The Wonder Girls are awesome So are big bang. Loved the lollipop comercial> It was very cute and awesome!!!!

  10. I would like WG to sing “Cold-Hearted” of Paula Abdul that was very famous song in 80’s and each part of song suits WG’s style, how can my wish be communicated to Mr. JYP?

    Sound impossible!

  11. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I KNOW KOREAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SOOOO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE UR SONGS THIER SOOO GOOD 🙂 🙂 INCLUDING PRETTY!!!!!

  12. I love Wonder Girls!!!! I want nobody ,nobody but you … apoyennos please? a las wg de peru jajaja cualkier cosa contactenos en solsito_1595 bye =)

  13. Just wondering…what’s their color?
    like, Cassiopeia (DBSK) is red, Primadona (FT Island) is yellow, and so on… so what’s their fanclub color?

  14. What’s up with the Korean anti-fans? I mean it’s one thing to not like the entertainer, but to make threats and actually go through with some of their intentions makes me sick. Heard about that guy from ITT getting threats all the time just cuz he looks like the dude from DBSK.

  15. @wawa*, thanks!!!

    @TSi, actually it’s more geared towards Korean fans. Think it’s because they need to keep a record in case of anti-fans dangerous actions towards the stars. There’s a limit to how many fans they accept too.

  16. lol, very bs ish… considering that if ur not korean, u cant even read it… so basically they’re telling u to shove off.

  17. cafe.daum.net/WonderFul ?

    I think you have to register at Daum first with your name & your ID and stuff. Then you’ll get a call from Daum on your mobile as a confirmation then after that you can join whatever.

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