Temporary Halt of Updates (NOT!)

Ok, here’s the real deal. I was indeed going to be away for five days. But when I reached there, they told me I wasn’t part of their plans and not supposed to be there. But I still had to stay there loafing for one day before I was able to go home. By the time I was back home, I was dead tired already so I will restart service starting today. I am back! So expect updates after this post… ^.^

I will be away starting this Monday until Friday night. So the site will not be seeing any updates within this period. I understand that many important things will happen but no choice, since I couldn’t find anyone to help.

Important Dates
5th March – Wishing on a Star MV
7th March – MTV Wonder Girls Season 3: Ep.01
8th March – The JYP Tour: Los Angeles Stop


15 thoughts on “Temporary Halt of Updates (NOT!)

  1. @ Mashu1982:

    How to contact u? I wanna get WG autographed CD but I can’t join Cyworld for i can’t understand Korean hahaha…

    So is there anyway to contact u? Thanks alot!

    @ Coolsmurf:

    U took off ur email. What is it again, in case I wanna ask u something. U can email me. Thanks alot too!

  2. o0o0o thats too bad that you had to go all the way there to hear that. but its great to have you back =)

  3. aww coolsmurf thanks for the update…

    same as Cherrie my internet sucks so i check my stuff at school which doesn`t give me time for anything really…

    enjoy yourself wherever you going… but don`t stay there too long 😛

    are you an official wonderful?

  4. have fun with what ever you are doing!
    i would help but its hectic for me to with tests and ahh..
    thanks. ^^

  5. i join wonderholic


    but i have to use translator tool to read each page
    for my lack of korean language

  6. sorry, cools. can’t help you.:( with this such slow internet speed/sometimes i have to go cyber cafe sometimes internet is down. i hope you find somebody for updates.
    will miss you!

    don’t hang out there too long.

  7. byebye!have fun! hopefully when your are back, you will be bang-ed with lots of wondergirls stuffs [:

  8. unfortunately i couldn’t be there to watch them! otherwise i would have contributed my fair share of photos/videos!

  9. Coolsmurf, u’re so cool already for keeping us updated. Get ur business done and have fun.
    Btw, did u wacth JYP Tour?

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