The JYP Tour: Madison Square Garden @ New York 080229

Heard from general comments at soompi forums that the “The JYP Tour” was a blast and Park Jin Young practically ruled with his energetic performance performing over 20+ songs. Wonder Girls meanwhile performed three songs, Tell Me, Gajeoga and Irony and generally well-received.

POPSEOUL! Exclusive: JYP NYC Tour Review

Wonder Girls greeting the fans in English/Korean

Wonder Girls performing Tell Me

All videos courtesy of Wonder Girls fan, mlbscouter@YT

Gajeoga and Irony HQ Fancams (courtesy of cutegiurl)  

According to Metrocard76, you can watch more clip from “The JYP Tour” on this Cyworld -> Go to Video folder to view and also a few pictures of Wonder Girls in Picture folder too! She is so lucky to have her Wonder Girls and JYP albums autographed by them!


15 thoughts on “The JYP Tour: Madison Square Garden @ New York 080229

  1. Woooooaaah….I was soooo excited!
    Wanna share the euforia with WG fans in the world. I couldn’t stop screaming “Sun Ye saranghanda” many times hahaha….

    WG got the craziest applause (beside JYP of course). And u know, when the first tune of that cute song Tell Me is on, people went crazy.

    And JYP was f**king awesome. He knows how to rock eventhough he kinda lost his voice a bit. Behind my seat were like 6 Ajumma. I thought they were accompanying their kids, but apparently they went crazy for JYP and their screaming was so loud hahaha….

  2. Weird SunYe and YehEun has little to no accent but Yoobin has and she was in US for 2 years lol..

  3. i love ye eun’s english.. so cute..

    oh no!! not “the wig”… the fans should’ve brought her cuter ones…

    awww, i feel so excited for them

  4. ooooo man! the concert looked so awesome! i read somewhere that out of all of the acts (besides JYP) the wonder girls got the loudest applause! 😀

    i found this vid of them performing irony too
    credits to ilwoolawyer

  5. I wish they wouldn’t make Yoobin wear that wig. At the very least, she could wear the cuter wig.

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