Have passion if you wanna join JYP Entertainment

“Sincerity and passion, like what Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye and Lim Jeong Hee has shown, are the most important,” important if you want to get into JYPE.

For Park Jin Young, an applicant’s passion is the most important. JYP explained before that in order to become a star, he/she must have the passion to sing, the passion to dance, and the passion to be the best.

JYPE holds auditions every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, in which more than 1,000 hopefuls participate per Sunday. Three important criteria are taken into consideration in selecting trainees. They are passion, star quality and skills.

A member of the artist development team revealed that Lim Jeong Hee failed twice in public auditions and it was her passion to become a singer that gave her the push to finally make it in her 3rd audition. This official also mentioned that Wonder Girl’s member Sun Ye trained and never gave up for 7 years.

The following are the training process according to the artist development team:

How are trainees selected?

Last year, a large-scale nationwide trainee audition was done with the help of Mgoon. Applicants submit a video introducing themselves and showing their skills in dancing and singing. They have to pass a local preliminary contest and a nationwide preliminary contest. Pass the finals and you become a trainee.

Applicants are processed on a first-come-first-served basis during public auditions held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. Trainees are recruited in a lot of ways like public auditions, Internet auditions and recommendations/referrals.

How many apply during auditions?

About 1,000 applicants usually come on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. However, trainees are not chosen weekly because if no one catches the attention of audition masters, then no one will be accepted.

During last year’s nationwide audition (JYPE and Mgoon), 5 passed as trainees and 2 of them are Jang Woo Young and Yoon Doo Jun, who are now featured in the cable program “Hot Blood Boys.”

This year, the 2nd nationwide audition took place with more than 12,000 participants. 32 applicants have managed to reach the finals but only 4 are planned to remain as trainees.

What do trainees go through?

Trainees undergo vocal, dance, foreign language and other trainings. Training process differs as each trainee has specific weaknesses and strengths.

How long do trainings take?

Trainee life may last for as long as 7 years or as short as 2 years. Wonder Girls member Sun Mi and Joo debuted after just 2 years while Sun Ye and Lim Jeong Hee made their debut only after 7 years of training.

Credit: krnloop

76 thoughts on “Have passion if you wanna join JYP Entertainment

  1. i am from malaysia as well, i’m turning sixteen this year and i want to join JYP entertainment as a trainee,i can dance and i can sing.i perform these things in my country as well in my country and my nationality is chinese i also have the passion to join this company,i can speak english, chinese and a little bit of korean,how can i join?i wish malaysians will know me as well,because i am a girl here,how can i join?and i was hoping JYP can come to malaysia.
    my talent is jazz and hip hop
    i would like to be in there thanks..

  2. Hi my name is theadora ann,i’m turning 15 years old this year and i’m from sabah.being a member of kpop group is my biggest dream,i want to be a jyp trainee.i know how to speak english,tagalog,korea little bit,i hardly learning it everyday.i’m good at singing,dancing,modelling and also acting

  3. Hi… I’m Mecaella Mae Bondal, im turning 13 years old on the the month of may.. And im a pure filipino. Im willing to join to be an a trainee… Im good on dancing,singing and rapping(a bit)and i will need to improve it more.

  4. Hi my name is Niña Angela Paula Tiongson , i’m from Philippines and i’m pure Pilipino,i’m turning 13 this January, i do my best to become a JYP trainee even it takes 3 to 7 years training, i really want to become a part of k-pop group, I’m good in singing, rapping, and not bad in dancing, I’m good in English , i can also speak Korean ( a bit ), i want to have an actual audition in Korea but the problem is i dont have money…

    I promise that i will do my best on online auditon

  5. Im turning 14 in April I can sing and I’m teaching my self to dance, and I’m homeschooled so I’ve never been on a stage before, but I REALLY want to be a JYP trainee.
    My mom says no, she says that they don’t like foreiners, (I’m from the us) but this is my dream and I’m not going to let my mother stop me.

  6. Do I have any chance? Im 15 years old And I love no I really love performing since i was a little kid but since I have less confidence i just keep it on my self, since kpop became famous in my country I found my self forming smile everytime watching vedios and i dont know I just found my self wanted to become one And Im willing to do everything I have talent but really needed to improve. I can
    sing, dance, rap, compose song, and entertained person, thanks to kpop help me boosted my confedent. What to do??

  7. Hi. I’m turning 14 years old this year and am of American nationality. I can speak English fluently (of course) but have been teaching myself Japanese and Korean since I was in the fourth grade. Ever since I was really little, I have always loved preforming arts over visual art and have always surrounded myself by it. I have taken 2-3 years of ballet lessons, 3 years of Irish dance lessons, 5 years of playing harp and 2 years of playing the saxophone. Currently I am taking guitar lessons and have been doing self study / lessons for voice. I really want to be a singer (specifically a k-pop singer) because it is just part of who I am. I used to be isolated by the people at school because of that when I was in kindergarten all the way up to second grade because of my dream so a part of me just shut down and blocked everything out. I actually forgot how much I loved singing and preforming. after finding k-pop, though, I’ve slowly been able to open that side of me back up and a don’t want to lose it again. My parents don’t approve of my wanting to become a JYP trainee for who knows why and I don’t mind that, I can see and understand why they be worried. What bothers me is the fact that they keep telling me that they “know what’s best for me” and will “find the appropriate stage for you to sing and be happy on”. I can’t help but feel angry every time they say that because if they really wanted me to be happy, they would try to listen and see my view of things just like I have done for them. The only thing I will accept for my career is training, and hopefully make a debut, under JYP. I’m willing to give up everything I have if it means that can finally be truly happy and do what I wan to for once. I know that I most likely will not get in because I’m not Asian and do not look Asian but that doesn’t’ mean that I can’t try. I apologize for going into a “life story” type of thing but I don’t really have anyone I can talk to about my dream without them cracking jokes about it or making fun of me saying that there is only a 0.00000001% chance of me becoming a singer. I know it’s hard and the chance is EXTREMLEY small but, look around you and look at the industry. People have done it so it’s obviously possible. I just wanted to get this off my chest and tell someone because I feel like the people who read / will read this article will understand me and what I want. Thanks for reading my small rant and I’m sorry I got kind of got carried away. Wish me luck and to all of you who have tried or will try, I hope you pass and are able to find a home at JYP!

  8. .hey.im trisha mae paras lemoncito..13 yrs. Old, 5.0is my height,40 kl.is my weight.from Philippines. Member of kpop group is my biggest dream. I want to be a JYP trainee. I know how to speak English,Korean a little bit but, i hardly learning it everyday… Im naturally pretty..but,im not too much slim/fit. Im good in singing,and rapping but, honestly im best in dancing… I dont care if i have to train for 7 yrs.
    How can i join your company?*dont snob*
    pls. Reply via my email.:)

  9. Hi!My name is Lin Sandra. I am 19 years old.I am from Myannar. I wanna participate in JYP audition.So I wanna know is it possible to participate and join ur entertainment from my country,Myanmar.How can I join with ur company ?How can speak English and Korea and also good at singing.if u don’t mind ,plz reply my question via wmail.I look forward to hearing from u.Thank u.

  10. Annyeonghaseyo
    My name is Stephanie
    I am 13 years old, until I am 16 years old I will traveling to Korea and wanted to be JYP trainee
    I am good in singing , rapping and dancing
    I can speak English , Chinese and little bit of Korean
    I am learning to speak Korean everyday
    I am really want to be member of k-pop group

  11. he,my name is aziemah,i’m 4 years old.my talented is dancing and singing.by the way,i’m from sarawak.I really want to be a good singer in the future,i can make a highest notes until 10-9 octaves…i doesn’t have take any class for dance or sing…i just learned it from my favorite group k-pop…just a question..will you sent a letter from abroad?hope you read this

  12. Hey!my name is K.Lalhmangaihzuali,i’m from India,i’m 12 years old and i really wanted to become a member of kpop group,is there any chance for me to enter in J.Y.P but my main problem is that i don’t have enough money.i can dance and singing i can’t do the high note part.To be kpop group member i don’t care even if i have to train for 7 years.and i’m fleut in English.

  13. Hey!my name is K.Lalhmangaihzuali,i’m from India,i’m 12 years old and i really wanted to become a member of kpop group,is there any chance for me to enter in J.Y.P but my main problem is that i don’t have enough money.i can dance and singing i can’t do the high note part.To be kpop group member i don’t care even if i have to train for 7 years.

  14. hey,,i’m from Malaysia,Sarawak.i’m 17 and i’m gonna sit for my big exam this year,i’m 45 kg and 168 cm.i am really into k-pop and i have passion in dancing,,more towards hip hop,popping,salsa and break dance,,i sing a bit but can’t guarantee you when it comes to high pitch.i speak fluent English , Bahasa Malaysia of course and i’m trying to learn korean language now.i’m into acting too.

  15. I’m from Malaysia, I’m 17
    I want to try audition after I finished my spm which next year when I’m 18
    Is that possible n what if my parents won’t let me . Will they send me an official letter to my parents?

  16. Hi I’m Anne Caroline G. Oliveros
    I’m 14 years old
    I’m a filipino
    I want to become a member of a Kpop Group, I want to become a singer and a dancer
    I’m good in singing, not bad in dancing, I can do my best to become a trainee even it takes 7 years training
    I’m good in English, I can’t speak korean but I want to.
    I want to audition in JYP but I have many problems with that..
    I want to have an actual audition in Korea but the problem is I have no money
    I will do my best in Online Audition
    Thank You!

  17. Anneonyeo or hlw im amai 4rm india nd i want 2 be a trainee in jyp cld i . I will do my best in it i can sing nd dance little nd i heard dat they teach the trainee 4rm foreign country 2 spk korean i hpe u let me join I WILL GIVE MY BES……….SSSST

  18. Hi, im amalisha of india im a big fan of k-pop nd i want 2 be 2, but m not a korean but i knw little and m learning and it is ma passion 2 be a good k-pop singer nd i knw i wld be gud in it he3 anyway pliz do make me a trainee in jyp or any other entertainment. I will give my bst sir 😉 u can call me if u want 2 tell me abt it in 07308966810 coz got some prblm in e-mail

  19. hi my name is Fatima but u can call me roza i am born in 26-4-1990 in Saudi Arabia i am from Somalia i like dance and singer and i want be a model ..high 163 Length 163 weight 49 speak Arabic, Somali and English and a few Japanese and Korean I hope that you do not neglect my request and thank you
    this is my number and my email 966 0596563962 sarah-533@hotmail.com

  20. audition
    i’am Frances Lois Ocampo
    15 yrsold
    height 162 cm
    weight 60kg
    hobbies: playing guitar , drawing dancing singing
    09496320279 my cellphone number
    i want to go to korea and to become a korean artist even if i’am not a pure blood korean and i want to know your culture and your beautiful tousrist spots and i love korea . i can’t talk korean language but i want to learn i can speak english average…thank you
    i love your culture even if i have my own culture , i want o know your own ,…. my dream is to become a artist , i want my family to go your country because its beautiful and korean poeple are good ,, i have my aunt she had a korean husband , and my aunt said korean people are good and Korea is really a beautiful country……
    this song is sang by iu and the title is Waiting
    i found this song in this drama DREAM high part 1
    i’am really inspired to this korean drama because i want to become a famous artist to pursue my dreams and my family will be proud of me . because other people insulting me , i want to prove to them that i really have a good talent . i have my confidence..
    thank you

  21. Hi my name is Saki.. i am originally from Myanmar. I live in U.S. i am 18 year old.
    I love singing and dancing… My dream is to be a singer…. I am 4’12 tall. I don’t have another dream beside Singing i will like to be trainee… people may say i am old to be trainee but i really don’t care.

  22. Hi,,my name is shufaat, iam 15, i like soo much about JYP and i really want to be jyp trainee like Miss A,, i like to dance and sing,,! I hope my dreaming land will become reality! 🙂

  23. hai , my name is Cy Ra , i’m 14 , i live in bintulu,sarawak . I’m christian . I’m 156 tall , weight 60kg. I don’t really have a good voice but i really want to be a singer , but i can sing ballad song , i really want to join JYPE , TSE , NHM and CUBE . But will them accept me ?? I just know basic korean , english , sarawak malay , kelabit , lun bawang , iban .

  24. Hi am sarah frm morocco nd i hv a great voice i speak tree languge nd am learning korean .i can dance .rap.nd do modeling but my paission its all abt being a great singer nd make my dream came true… I hope jyp admir my tallent and accept me. Thank u. Xoxo

  25. I’m Catherine Nguyen, 12, turning 13 in September. I’m Vietnamese. I don’t think I’m fit enough though, I’m 4’8″ and weigh 80 pounds. I really hope that one day I could be able to join JYP, after seeing Wondergirls, JB, JR, and 2AM perform, I was fascinated. I’m not suited for singing or dancing, but I’ll work hard.

  26. sorry,but this is my full introduction. Im Ennelia,a Malaysian.Im a Christian. Currently age 17(yearly)but the actual one is im still 16..Height 162 cm,weight 43kg. VERY passionate in singing(can high pitch) and dancing(modern and traditional).A person whom wont lose in a fight easily,Im a not an easily give up girl.I can speak English,korean(still learning),some mandarin chinese and of course bahasa malaysia..I can rap also but still need a lot of practice to excel.

  27. Hi,Im Ennelia(Lia),a bidayuh from Kuching,Sarawak,Malaysia..I can sing quite well,including the high pitch.I can do traditional as well as modern dance. I can speak English very well,Korean(a bit,still learning..) and of course Bahasa Malysia..im 17.I’ll do my best for SPM then go and chase my dream as a K-pop celeb.Please JYP entertainment,come to Malaysia next year and see the hidden talent of Malaysian unleashed..or,is there any JYP site for audition??

  28. hello i’m jocelyn , 14 , malaysia . i’m not sure if you(jyp entertainment) recognize malaysia . But ‘WE’ Malaysian hope you would open an audition in Malaysia , let us have a chance to show you our malaysian talent ! as our country is kinda special , we can speak many language ( minimum 3 ) . well, let me introduce myself now , my speciality is singing high speech , and even though i cant dance but i can imitate after i watch the music video . acting ? hmmm….i can make myself cry even though when i’m very happy 🙂 and i heard that the mission of ur company is ‘passion’ ! well, i willing to put all my effort and show you that i can do it 😀 and i can speak engish(fluent) , mandarin(fluent) , bahasa melayu (fluent) and 3 types of chinese (hokkien , hakka and cantonese) . that’s my introduction . i hope to have response from you (jyp entertainment)

  29. hallo.my nickname lissa..my age 16 years old..im from malaysia …i really want to be korea singer…i hope JYPE…will give me chance to be a singer at JYP entertainment…TQ..

  30. hi, i’m jane marielle nogoy, 16 years old… from Philippines
    is JYP holding auditions worldwide ???
    i can dance and sing. i can also rap but still have to practice.
    i really want to be a trainee so that i can improved more my skills.
    i speak english and i’m starting to learn to speak in Korean.
    thanks =)

  31. 😀 Hi, this is Amandah Xiong..13 years old.hieght: 5’2 weight:120pds. i love to dance and know how to dance”hip hop” im a begginer at breakdance. i know how to speak hmong and english, but im learning korean. i live in the US.thanks & i hope you enjoyed it

  32. Annyeong haseyo !!!My name is Nguyen Phuong Dung, My Korean name is Jung Sung Young. I’m from Viet Nam.I am 15 years old this year.I like JYP entertainment company and I really admire Park Jin Young ^^!!!
    I can sing and dance but I’m not very good at English and korean but I have a passion music.I studied piano for 5 years and I can play piano.I always wanted to become an artist, was standing on stage, loud cheers were heard by the fans, are immersed in the song.Being on stage is my dream, dancing and singing is my passion but I am pretty shy nhat.Toi may never stand on stage so I’d try to be more confident their.Now I’m learning more English and korean to speak better.I really want to become a singer and a student of JYP.Thank you so much!!!

  33. Hi, I’m 14 this year.I’m a chinese who lives in Malaysia..I really would like to participate in the JYP audition..I think i sing well..my friends and families think i do too..and also i can rap a little..well, ..i can’t really dance..but i believe that if i learn i will improve..I can act too..I’ve act in dramas in school before..but i’m not sure if i really act it well… The languages I speak are mandarin and english..I really hope that JYP will hold an audition in Malaysia..I really wish i can success to be a trainee and at the end be a singer in korea..Thank you

  34. hi , i’m amanda jane and i’m 13 year old. i’m from malaysia(kota kinabalu). I can sing and dance well , i also can memorise dances in 3 days. I performed five times in school . I would like to join jyp entertainment as a trainee. I have a good passion . I can speak english , malay , chinese and korean (a bit) and i’m taking lessons for korea too. I really really really would like to join jyp entertainment bacause i love kpop very very very much and the unique cultures. Can i audition through websites?

  35. Your looks must possess either Japanese or Korean’s natural beauty; look innocent, adorable, and active like a little angel.

    Unique, high pitch and clear vocal are probably what they are looking for this season.

    Can perform a sweetie dance.

    Know some Korean phrases may gain more point.

    Last, good luck with the current politic, HIDDEN RULES and interest of the investors.

    Besides, don’t forgot there are Taiwanese, Hongkong, Japanese, China and USA’s entertainment audition.

  36. hi
    I’m from germany and 13 years old soon 14 I`m a half thai i really want to be a trainee in Jyp. Many of my fiends and other guys say that i can sing so i think so too. In things like dance i can learn very fast ..
    do i life to far away ?

  37. hi, Im zoel frm Malaysia. I hv a passion to be a singer n JYP is the right place to go. I can dance and sing well. Im half chinese n half phillippines. able to speak in english, a little bit of mandarin. Im still in the learning process to speak korea. Does JyP accept a muslim as a trainee?

  38. hi i just wondering if jyp or sm accpect muslims as a trainner
    i can dance but not very good at singing lol
    i am moving to korea next year .i live in england i speak english and arabic and i could speak korean a bit so do you think they accpect me please tell me

  39. Hello….i forget about my home address..[BINTULU,SARAWAK 97000, NO.160 TAMAN DESA DAMAI LORONG 3B,JALAN SIEBIEW] this is my home address…please let me know or reply me back…thank you..;-)

  40. Hello…annyeong haseyo…:-) im from malaysia,sarawak(bintulu). Im very interest to join JYP cause i like very very much to sing but im not in very good to sing…meanwhile that im dancing is very poor…i hear that there got training so i decided to join JYP….i can speak in korean language but no in very good…meanwhile i got learn some korea word too…The last think that i hope that i can join JYP and hope that i will have a change to korean artist too…i love korea too….:-) hopefully i got change…meanwhile, (dominicling1@live.com) this my facebook email…;-) THANK YOU….kamsahamnida

  41. Hello. My name is Kyung a Park, I’m half korean and pilipina. I’m here in korea now. I’m going 15 on this october. I can speak,Tagalog,english and korean. How to get audition? I can sing,acting,and dance. Please tell me or msg.me the address for the audition in jyp entertainment. Thankyou. ^^

  42. annyeong haseyo , my name is irene from the philippines im interested joining jype, i can sing,dance,and i can speak english and now im taking lessons to speak korean . and i really really love kpop not just kpop i love everything about korean, the food,the culture,the fashion and specially the people! and im planning to go to korea, however does JYP having a audition here in the philippines ? kamsahamnida

  43. @ Jodie

    Well, JYP hasn’t held auditions in England so far and he hasn’t said anything about doing it, but you can send in audition videos to a JYPE building =] You can probably find locations of JYPE offices through google, ahhah.

  44. Hey^^
    Do you know if JYP will accept anyone?… I mean, I’m english but my heritage is Irish and Jamaican, anyway. I can speak fluent in Japanese and is taking lesson to become bilingual in Korean, since I can understand I thought I might as well take lesson to speak it. I can dance and sing, however I just want to know do you ever think JYP will ever have audition in England?…

  45. I don’t think i will be able to pass all the criteria set, but i’m really interested in joining. What should i do? D:

  46. ehmmm,,, i wanna ask something..

    if that person who want audition has (just) abnormal tooth could She/he be accepted?/??

    please reply,,,,,

  47. hey coolsmurf. my name is solomon, im 13. im korean. living in los angeles. i practice dancing 7pm-1am. im ready to audition. ive practiced for a long time and i think im ready. how can i join? the website isnt working… thx. please give me the website. e mail is solkim466@yahoo.com

  48. @ Alisha,
    coolsmurf already posted the site, but here it is again:

    It says that email is only for photos and profile (I guess if you want to be a model), but in #2 under audition information, it has the address where you can send film, tapes, and cds to.

    @ lye,
    I don’t think so. JYP’s site doesn’t say anything about age. But the flyer for the USA auditions JYP held earlier this year says that the birth year has to be 1996-1982.
    It’s here:

    By the way, you guys can also send your audition questions to jypaudition@jype.com .

  49. i really wanna join JYP.E as a trainee. I’m Indonesian, i can sing and dance. i don’t really speak korean, but i’m on my way learning now. i also can speak english and mandarin. But, i’m turning 19 this year, am i too old?

  50. I can’t really sing, I can rap if practice a little more. Dancing is my talent. I can hip hop and little b-girl. I need to find somebody to join me as a team and audition for JYP.

  51. I’m from Malaysia, I’m fifteen and want to join JYP Entertainment as a trainee.I can dance and can sing.I perform for many ocassions in my country and also have the passion to join this company.I can speak english, chinese and korean.How can I join?
    Thank you..

  52. i want to be a trainee…but i don’t know korean…and i can’t dance…ahhh wish i can dance…

  53. isnt 7yrz lyk soooooo long???
    i wud lub 2 b a trainee even if i have 2 train for more dan 7yrs…lol

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