Wonder Girls wins Best Singer at Producers Award Ceremony

Updated: Even though Wonder Girls wasn’t in attendance at the awards ceremony, they recorded a video to thank them for giving them the award. They wore their Irony outfits and I think this was recorded in America. With the exception of Sun Ye, all of them had new hairstyles as you can see.

Kang Ho Dong, Wonder Girls and Kim Myung Min have become the top picks for PDs in the MC, singing and acting categories as it was announced yesterday.

In the 20th PD (Producer) Awards of Korea which will be held this afternoon, Kang Ho Dong will be receiving the TV Host Award for his work in MBC “Golden Fishery”, SBS “Star King”, KBS2TV “Happy Sunday: 1 Night 2 Days”.

Wonder Girls who won major accolades last year with their hit song, “Tell Me” will pick up the award for the singing category. They will be the only ones not be in attendance due to the fact that they are in New York right now and their award is likely to be collected by a JYPE representative. Congratulations!

Kim Myung Min will pick up the award for the acting department for his stellar acting in MBC drama, “White Tower”. The 20th PD (Producer) Daesang award ceremony will be broadcast live today on SBS starting 3pm.

MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 Sneak Preview #4

After an onslaught of picture uploads from MTV Korea today, we see five clips from MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 being uploaded as well. The five clips are just short snippets focusing mainly on Sun Ye and Sun Mi only as they walked the streets of New York. Sun Ye did most of the talking with Sun Mi taking up probably just 5% of all clips combined. Wonder where was Ye Eun, Yoo Bin and So Hee? Maybe they filmed this in two groups?

Just screenshots from two clips combined. In the second clip which is mainly Sun Mi, she sees a guy walking on the streets and says she likes him. Haha ^.^ but we just see the back of the guy who is tall and thin, looks like model material.

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Wonder Girls New York Diary 080227 (13 pictures)

Another upload on MTV Korea website this afternoon sees 13 pictures of Wonder Girls visiting the MTV Store and basically picking up some memorabilia.

Nice advert by Yoo Bin for MTV

첨부 이미지

So Hee smiling for the camera, probably filming

So Hee again, this time looking lost (?)

Lovely Sun Ye smile

Yoo Bin telling us something

Wonder Girls group photo

Random shot of So Hee listening to her Ipod (?)

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Wonder Girls New York Diary 080227 (24 pictures)

MTV Korea just uploaded their fourth batch of pictures of the Wonder Girls. Posted some of my favourite shots and the rest are zipped for you to download. 24 photos of the Wonder Girls visiting New York University, waiting for food to arrive and some ski resort (ID anyone?). What a fulfiling trip!

NYU student, Charlie taking the Wonder Girls around the university, lucky!

So Hee & Yoo Bin pictured together AGAIN waiting for their food to arrive!

What’s with Ye Eun? Her 2nd time doing this hand gesture ^.^

Wonder Girls group photo

Sun Ye

So Hee

Yoo Bin

Sun Mi

Ye Eun

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Wonder Girls “Clean and Fair Elections” Website

Remember the earlier news about the Wonder Girls being appointed as ambassadors by the National Election Committee for their “Clean and Fair Elections” campaign just before their departure for New York?

The National Election Committee hasn’t just been mopping around awaiting their return to fulfil their ambassador duties. They have created a website with many pictures of the Wonder Girls which they had taken before they left for America I guess. Just screenshots as these are the only alternatives.

You can visit National Election Committee website to see the full flash.