Wonder Girls New York Diary 080229 (5 pictures)

New batch of pictures this afternoon uploaded on MTV Korea website.

Picture-perfect Sun Mi showing her Hello Kitty (?) ring

Kevin (designer?) and a beaming So Hee

What are you making?

Group picture. Random Sun Mi ^.^ 
No wonder ahboo says always look out for her!

This is a picture from yesterday. Sun Ye was taking pictures of the billboard advert at Times Square but her phone memory was full.

첨부 이미지


6 thoughts on “Wonder Girls New York Diary 080229 (5 pictures)

  1. aw, they all look so cute!
    yeah, that’s kevin leong (sp?)
    he’s the president of phat farm.
    cool how they know eachother

  2. that kevin guy works for phat farm… i wonder whats their link with them… thank you for everything

  3. That guy works for russell simmons. he used to be his intern but now has his own office in his building. he’s like russell’s assistant.

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